Footbag Net


Finals at Worlds 2009 in Berlin (Germany). Patrick Schrickel / Florian Goetze vs PT Lovern / Emmanuel Bouchard.Photo by Phil Schaefer.

Footbag Net

Footbag Net is a sport governed by the IFPA‘s International Footbag Committee in which players use their feet to kick a footbag over a 5-foot-high net on a footbag net court. The rules of Footbag net are defined in the IFC’s Rules of Footbag Sports, Article 3.

Footbag net combines the coordination of soccer, the court strategy of tennis, and the set-and-spike strategy of beach-volleyball , all while using only the feet. Players demonstrate remarkable agility by spiking the footbag over the net, using either the sole of the foot, a sweeping inside kick, or an outside push. Even more remarkable than the spikes are the “digs” players use to defend against the spikes. Players also block spikes in the air with amazing foot-to-foot battles over the net.

Worlds 2010 Oakland (USA) Air Battle Kenny Shults vs Alexis Deschenes Photo by Emmanuel Bouchard.

Basic Rules and Information

The full rules of footbag net are available in the online version of the International Rules of Footbag Sports.

For a basic description of the rules, see: Footbag Net Rules.


Footbag Net was invented in the mid 1970s. It was originally played over an 8-foot high net and players were allowed a maximum of five kicks per side. After only a few years, however, the rules of Footbag net were changed to encourage fast-paced rallying and crowd pleasing spiking maneuvers. For more net history, see The History of Footbag Net.

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