Sanctioning Instructions

This page is intended for the Sanctioning Committee.



Process for approving sanctioning requests and follow-on steps:

Upon Receipt of new Application

  • If application cannot be reviewed immediately, send an acknowledgment email, cc sanctioning @ ifpa dot footbag dot org. All requests should be reviewed within one week of receipt.
  • Check if the organizer is a Tier 2 member of IFPA by going to their member page on If not, ask them to upgrade their membership. Link to Join: [[1]].
  • Make sure the event is listed on
  • Do they plan to follow the IFPA rules. If not are their deviations from the rules acceptable? Send an email to the sanctioning committee to get approval for any deviations. In general, if the changes are reasonable and fair and not detrimental to the sport, then they are probably ok.
  • Do the offer amateur (required)? Amateurs must be able to compete in open. Offering to allow players to enter as a “Pro” is optional. Amateur fees are usually less because they don’t compete for prize money. Typically only a pro wouldn’t compete in intermediate as there isn’t any money in intermediate. Intermediates are usually playing as amateurs. IFPA is an amateur athletic association, so we want to ensure that amateurs can enter.
  • Are they excluding players? Some organizers want to have a national championships where only people from that country can compete. IFPA cannot sanction such events. The sport is too small to exclude willing participants.
  • Was the application submitted more than 30 days before the event?
  • Is the event organizer in good standing? If they’ve sanctioned in the past, did the follow up and complete their commitments in a timely manner. Were there any complaints about their previous events?
  • If decent size, do they offer womens and novice? (desired)
  • How complete is the application? Do they have most of the items filled out: site, etc.
  • Make sure they fill in the agreement part:


   As the main event organizer, I, __________________ understand and agree to all 
   of the sanctioning requirements, terms and conditions outlined in this application 
   and in the Requirements and Guidelines for IFPA Event Sanctioning.  I further 
   agree to be responsible for ensuring all the required player information, score   
   sheets, and fees collected are submitted to IFPA within the specified periods.

Sending out the Approval

If everything is satisfactory, send the approval form letter to the organizer, cc sanctioning, attach logo. Link to logo:[[2]]. The subject should be: “IFPA Sanctioning Approved for [fill in event name]”.

Approval Form Letter

Hi [insert organizer name],
Your event has been approved for IFPA sanctioning.  An IFPA logo is attached for use 
with all of your advertising/promotional materials.

You can now solicit donations and sponsorship via IFPA. That is, sponsors and 
donors can provide sponsorships and donations to IFPA that can be designated 
for your event.  Note that donations and sponsorships are possibly tax deductible 
but only for amount above and beyond the normal cost or benefit provided; it 
is up to the donor/sponsor to determine tax detectability.  If possible, have
donation/sponsorship monies written out to IFPA.  We will forward the money to 
you immediately.  Please provide a list of who (name and address) gives what and 
the value of any product given or any service provided in return, so that we can
send receipts.  If you have questions, contact the sanctioning committee at 
sanctioning @ ifpa dot footbag dot org.

Within 20 days after your event, please *email* the following to 
sanctioning @ ifpa dot footbag dot org:

    - a brief summary of the event (a paragraph or two telling about the highlights)
    - the complete results for all events (placings 1st, 2nd, 3rd...20th, etc.) 
    - the player info collected from ALL entrants (name, email address,  etc. and 
      IFPA#, if possible)

Also, please post the results to and on your event listing 
page at

To clarify, you are no longer required to make sure that all open players that 
are NOT already IFPA members, or whose memberships have  expired, need to be  
registered and pay the $10 fee.  We are operating under the new membership 
structure.  All competitors at your event will be given a complementary 1 year 
membership to IFPA (Tier 1) justfor competing at your IFPA sanctioned event.  
So, it is important that you sent the list of all players (and their IFPA ID 
Numbers, if possible) to

Remember, online registration is available for you to use as part of your 
sanctioning.  If you would like to use it, then you will need to
follow up with Steve Goldberg asap.   brat @ footbag dot org  He will need at 
least 2 weeks for setup.

Again, for our records, please email a summary of the results and a complete 
list of competitor names to 'sanctioning @ ifpa . footbag . org' when the event is 

Good luck and play hard!

[Your name here]
IFPA Sanctioning Committee 

Bookkeeping at immediately after approval

1. Update the table of sanctioned events – add row for this event, fill in details.

sanctioned events 2007

Sanctioned Events 2008
2. Get someone to set the sanctioning “bit” so the event listing is obvious in the event listing that the event is sanctioned.

3. Send organizer’s address to Bruce Guettich (bruce @ worldfootbag dot com), he’ll mail them a copy of the rule book. Remind organizer to be sure to have a copy of the rule book at the tournament.

After the event

1. Follow up to make sure they post results (event page and announce email) and send details to sanctioning email address.

2. Get membership director to update any memberships. [director . membership @]

3. Update sanctioning table.

sanctioned events 2007

Sanctioned Events 2008