Sanctioned Events 2008

This will be the place where we can track sanctioned events.
This page is to be used by members of the sanctioning committee.

Sanctioned Event Tracking
Event Name Event Date Contact Open Events Offered* Approval Date Event Page (Sanctioning Bit) Received Results and Participant List IFPA Memberships Updated
Phoenix Open 19Jan08 Amy Westerberg . at intel com n Dec07 Yes Yes Yes
Todexon 9 15mar08 Jan Struz dexter at footbag f Jan08 Yes Yes Yes
Footcamp 2008 18mar08 Carlos Marquez  ?  ? Yes Yes Yes
Shred for Savvy 22mar08 Adrienne Dukes  ? Feb08 Yes Yes Yes
Southeast Net Championships 5apr08 Kenneth Hamric kdhmaric at gmail n? Jan08 Yes Yes Yes
Windchill 2008 12apr08 Gilles (Yves) n? Mar08 Yes No No
RNH Contest 2008 26apr08 Grischa n? Mar08 Yes Yes Yes
5th Annual JFK 17May08 Tuukka nm Apr08 Yes No No
Green Cup 24May08 Jack Harris nfsdmw Apr08 Yes No No
French Championship 13jun08 Miquel Clemente nfsd Mar08 Yes No No
Windy City Cup 13jun08 Scot Hansen n? Mar08 Yes No No
10th IFPA European Footbag Championships 3Jul08 Nicolas De Zeeuw thedude at netcourier fs Jan08 Yes No No
US Open PDX 11Jul08 Red Husted / Chris Siebert nfsdmw  ?? Yes No No
2008 Pro Kicker Montreal 18Jul08 Yves nsdm  ?? Yes No No
Second Annual NYFA Freestyle Symposium 25Jul08 CMB f  ?? Yes No No
9th Annual Turku Open 26Jul08 Matti nsdm  ?? Yes No No
Worlds 2008 10Aug08 Dexter nfsdmw  ?? Yes No No

∗ – Open Event Key – This is a reference for ranking calculations

n – net
f – freestyle
s – singles
d – doubles
m – mixed
w – women’s

Example: A ‘w’ following a ‘nd’ means there was open womens doubles net as well as open doubles. A ‘w’ following a ‘ns’ means the same for singles. ‘nsdwm’ would be interpreted as open events: net – singles, doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles – but no women’s singles.