Worlds Organizer Agreement

 Worlds Organizer Agreement
 All official IFPA rules of footbag sport will be complied with:
 Person Responsible: ___________
 All events will be seeded according to the stats kept by IFPA directors, all players will be seeded at Worlds -
 Seeding committee members: __________________________________________________
 Person Responsible: ___________
 There must be a Final Awards ceremony/party at a venue and time suitable for underage competitors.
 Person Responsible: ___________
 All "official" advertised and listed events, parties will be held at
 times and in venues suitable for underage competitors.
 Online registration will be open no later than 60? days before the event
 Online registration will close no earlier than ___ days before the event.
 Person Responsible: ___________
 Worlds website with complete player information, including schedule (can be
 preliminary within announced dates), transportation, housing and food
 information will be up no later than ___ days before the event.
 Final dates and location to be announced no later than 6 months before the event.
 Person Responsible:________________
 Freestyle and Net schedules must be complimentary with sufficient time
 to allow players to compete in and/or attend semi-finals and finals
 without conflict.  Preliminaries should be in close proximity wherever possible.
 Standards for finals site:  must include seating for at least 200.
 Officials per footbag rules.
 Registration, Website and Player release must include statement prohibiting
 the use of illegal substances at all events. (And whatever the venue itself requires).
 Person Responsible for enforcement: ___________________
 A 10 minute IFPA membership meeting will be scheduled at a time when all players can attend.
 Person Responsible: ____________________
 A 1 hour IFC meeting will be scheduled at a time when all members can attend.
 Person Responsible: ___________________________
 * Penalties for breach include:  return of all funds provided by IFPA.