Delay [del]


This ADD catagory awarded to any move in which you catch (stall/delay) the footbag on either your foot or part of your leg.

Basic Stalls

The basic stalls that lay at the foundations of most major freestylers are the [toe], [inside], and [clipper] stalls.

Other Common Stalls

Some other widely known stalls include [outside] and [knee] stalls.

Unusual Stalls

These are stalls that don’t involve the toe, inside, outside, or knee/thigh. They include the [sole], [flapper], [calf(cloud)], and [pincher] stalls.

Stalls vs Delays

  1. Why have the word stall after a move? 
  • Well, for a name like toe that would normaly describe a kick or a stall, the word stall is necessary.
  1. Why two names for the same concept? 
  • Because although the concept is the same, there is a difference.
  1. Whats the difference? 
  • A stall is normaly used to describe a catch that lasts with a noticable pause. A Delay better describes the moment between freestyle moves, when there is barely a pause at all.