Sailing is an uptime dexterity set. Its Jobs Notation is:

toe > same in[dex] > op out[dex] >>

It is also referred to as a “pixie atomic” set.

Essentially, from a right toe stall, you set the bag straight up in the air and as it is going up — you circle the bag clockwise with your right foot followed immediately by your left foot — before hitting a downtime component.

At this stage there is some doubt about who invented sailing sets.

Common Sailing Tricks

  • sailing butterfly – toe > same in > op out > op out > op clip
  • sailing mirage – Dominatrix – toe > same in > op out > op in > op toe
  • sailing ss mirage – toe > same in > op out > same in > op toe
  • sailing ss dlo – toe > same in > op out > same in > op out > op toe

Tips for sailing sets

The first obvious tip is to get really good at pixie, atomic and symposium atomic sets. The pixie set for sailing sets is very fast and sharp and the atomic set starts before the pixie set is back on the ground. Double legover (“dlo”) will also help a lot as sailing sets are essentially a dlo in reverse. When learning, it is best to focus on keeping the bag close to your body, not trying to set it too high and starting the atomic dexterity as soon as possible.