Pixie is an uptime dexterity set. Its Jobs Notation is:

toe > same in[dex] >>

Essentially, from a right toe stall, you set the bag straight up in the air and as it is going up — you circle the bag clockwise with your right foot — before hitting a downtime component.

At this stage there is some doubt about who invented pixie sets.

Common Pixie Tricks

  • pixie mirage – Smear – toe > same in > op in > op toe
  • pixie legover – toe > same in > op out > op toe
  • pixie ss legover – Magellan – toe > same in > same out > same toe
  • pixie butterfly – Dimwalk – toe > same in > op out > op clip
  • pixie ss butterfly – Parkwalk – toe > same in > same out > op clip
  • pixie double legover – Smog – toe > same in > op in > op out > op toe
  • pixie drifter – Smoke – toe > same in > op in > same clip
  • pixie ducking butterfly – Phoenix – toe > same in > duck > op out > op clip

Advanced Pixie Sets

  • sailing – toe > same in > op out >>
  • slaying – toe > same in > (no plant while) op out >>
  • frantic – toe > same in > op in >>

Tips For Pixie Sets

Pixie sets are one of the first basic uptime sets that people learn, and lead to many other freestyle moves and sets. Players would be advised to learn mirages, downtime pixies and legovers before putting much time into pixie sets. Keep the bag close to your body and lift the setting foot straight up in the air, such that your knee ends up being in front of the bag. As soon as the footbag completely leaves the setting foot, push your knee outwards. If you’ve placed the bag right, it should come up between your knee. Make sure to set straight up and not to start the dex until after the bag has completely left your foot.