We are serious about making the 2010 World Footbag Championships a major sporting event and one the San Francisco Bay Area will remember. With your support and our commitment, 2010 can be the beginning of a new level of footbag awareness and interest!

Contact Information: chris@footbag.org Sponsorship: Chris Ott Fancy Footwork, Inc. (707) 576-8145 1668 Scarlet Place, Santa Rosa, CA. 95403 Promotions/Demos: Chris Ott Fancy Footwork, Inc. (707) 576-8145 Event Management: Chris Ott Fancy Footwork, Inc. (707) 576-8145

Thank you to all the sponsors of the 2010 IFPA World Footbag Championships.

Gold Sponsors
IFPA Fancy Footwork Productions
Bronze Sponsors
Canadian Footbag Alliance Footbag Museum Footbag Hall of Fame
Nucleus Flying Clipper Footbags Flying Clipper Footbags
Supporting Sponsors
Freedom Footbags ProKicker World Footbag Association
—— Foot-c net sets —– Fourkast FootbagNet.Com
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BART BART trip planner
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Sherwood Design Engineers BASOC
Individual/Group Sponsors
Steve Goldberg Chris Ott Tim Vozar
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Oakland CVB San Mateo/Silicon Valley CVB San Francisco CVB City of Oakland