Freestyle Move Records List

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Move Nickname Record Record Holder
1 Add Moves – Top
Clipper Kick Opposite Foot 26 Nathan Deschamps
Clipper Kick Same Foot 45 Nathan Deschamps
Cloud Kick Opposite Foot 6 Nathan Deschamps
Cloud Kick Same Foot 9 Nathan Deschamps
Dragon Kick Same Foot 4 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Knee Kick Same Foot 4 Nathan Deschamps
Head Kick Head Butt 6 Nathan Deschamps
Inside Stall Opposite Foot 1799 Nathan Deschamps
Inside Stall Same Foot 225 Nathan Deschamps
Inspinning Toe Kick Opposite Foot 3 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Toe Kick Same Foot 4 Luis Monhollon
Knee Stall Opposite Knee 21 Nathan Deschamps
Knee Stall Same Knee 14 Nathan Deschamps
Outside Stall Opposite Foot 80 Nathan Deschamps
Outside Stall Same Foot 67 Nathan Deschamps
Sole Kick Opposite Foot 8 Nelson Monhollon
Sole Kick Same Foot 29 Nelson Monhollon
Spinning Inside Kick Opposite Foot 7 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Inside Kick Same Foot 6 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Outside Kick Opposite Foot 10 Daryl Genz
Spinning Outside Kick Same Foot 109 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Toe Kick Same Foot 4 Luis Monhollon
Toe Stall Opposite Foot 1774 Nathan Deschamps
Toe Stall Same Foot 234 Nathan Deschamps
2 Add Moves – Top
Antisymposium/Rooted Mirage Same Foot 6 Jubal Hume
Around The World In-Out Same Foot ATW 119 Nathan Deschamps
Around The World Out-In Same Foot 104 Byrin Wylie
Blind Outside Stall(Behind the Back) Blindside Stall 6 Nathan Deschamps
Clipper Stall Opposite Foot Jester Stall 203 Nathan Deschamps
Clipper Stall Same Foot Jester Stall 185 Nathan Deschamps
Cloud Stall Opposite Foot 4 Janis Lesinskis
Cloud Stall Same Foot 30 Janis Lesinskis
Cross Body Sole Kick Same Foot Flapper 4 Nelson Monhollon
Diving Inside Stall Opposite Foot Zulu Inside 27 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Toe Stall Opposite Foot Zulu Toe Stall 54 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Toe Stall Same Foot 52 Nathan Deschamps
Dragon Stall Opposite Foot 3 Nelson Monhollon
Dragon Stall Same Foot Dragon 7 Nathan Deschamps
Dragonfly Opposite Foot Dragonflyer 10 Vasek Klouda
Dragonfly Same Foot Dragonflyer 18 Egyptian Footgod
Ducking Inside Stall Opposite Foot 81 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Toe Stall Opposite Foot Weaving Toe Stall 73 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Toe Stall Same Foot 123 Rory Dawson
Fairy Toe Stall Opposite Foot 31 Nathan Deschamps
Fying Clipper Opposite Foot Jester 50 Tms Tyrpeki
Fying Clipper Same Foot 31 Tms Tyrpeki
Gyro Clipper Kick Opposite Foot 7 Lon Smith
Head Stall Opposite Side 45 Chris Miller
Heel Stall Opposite Foot 5 Nathan Deschamps
Heel Stall Same Foot 17 Nathan Deschamps
Hopover Opposite Foot 28 Nathan Deschamps
Hopover Same Foot 32 Nathan Deschamps
Illusion Opposite Foot Crispy Fairy 69 Johnny Suderman
Illusion Same Foot 68 Byrin Wylie
Inspinning Inside Kick Opposite Foot 11 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Inside Kick Same Foot 5 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Inside Stall Opposite Foot 4 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Inside Stall Same Foot 7 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Knee Kick Opposite Foot 2 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Toe Stall Opposite Foot 13 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Toe Stall Same Foot 8 Rory Dawson
Juggling Two Bags on the Inside Same Foot 18 Nathan Deschamps
Legover Opposite Foot 250 Jakub Worek
Mirage Same Foot 173 Arkadiusz Dudziński
Mouth Stall Chomp, Bite 16 Asmus Helms
Neck Stall Neck Catch 17 Tommy Mueller
Osis Kick Same Foot 3 Nelson Monhollon
Pickup Opposite Foot 215 Byrin Wylie
Pixie Toe Stall Opposite Foot 181 Nathan Deschamps
Reverse Walkover Opposite Foot 25 Nathan Deschamps
Reverse Walkover Same Foot 38 Nathan Deschamps
Reverse Wrap Opposite Foot 39 Nathan Deschamps
Reverse Wrap Same Foot 17 Nathan Deschamps
Sole Stall Same Foot 25 Brenden Erskine
Spinning Inside Stall Opposite Foot 3 Nathan Deschamps
Spinning Inside Stall Same Foot 4 Nathan Deschamps
Spinning Outside Stall Same Foot 7 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Toe Stall Opposite Foot 5 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Toe Stall Same Foot 7 Luis Monhollon
Walkover Opposite Foot 34 Nathan Deschamps
Walkover Same Foot 57 Nathan Deschamps
Wrap Opposite Foot 38 Nathan Deschamps
Wrap Same Foot 25 Nathan Deschamps
3 Add Moves – Top
Around the World In-Out Heel Same Foot 4 Nathan Deschamps
Atomic Legover Same Foot Crispy/Scrambled Eggbeater 23 Damian Zarębski
Barrage Same Foot Toe Barrage, Double Mirage 15 Johnny Suderman
Butterfly Opposite Foot Infinity 464 Matthias Lino Schmidt
Butterfly Same Foot 83 Lon Smith
Butterflying Cross Body Rake Same Foot Hoe 17 Jorden Moir
Crossbody Rake Opposite Foot 100 Lon Smith
Crossbody Rake Same Foot 45 Jorden Moir
Diving ATW In-Out Same Foot 9 Greg Nelson
Diving Clipper Opposite Foot Zulu Clip 53 Jorden Moir
Diving Clipper Same Foot 54 Lauri Airinen
Diving Illusion Opposite Foot Dilusion 3 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Legover Opposite Foot 5 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Legover Same Foot 13 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Mirage Opposite Foot 5 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Mirage Same Foot 33 Lynton Stephens
Diving Pickup Same Foot 10 Nathan Deschamps
Double Around the World In-Out Same Foot Double ATW 23 Riku Ahola
Double Around the World Out-In Same Foot Double ATW 24 Jorden Moir
Double Legover Same Foot 25 Lynton Stephens
Double Legover Opposite Foot 19 David Clavens
Double Pickup Opposite Foot 3 Johnny Suderman
Double Pixie Opposite Foot Terrage 32 Anssi Sundberg
Double Switchover Opposite Foot Doubleswitchover 23 Anssi Sundberg
Dragon Osis Opposite Foot 5 Lon Smith
Drifter Opposite Foot 69 Jorden Moir
Ducking Clipper Opposite Foot Dipper 172 Lon Smith
Ducking Clipper Same Foot Weaving Clipper 43 Anssi Sundberg
Ducking Dragonfly Same Foot Ducking Dragonflyer 3 Adam Greenwood
Ducking Illusion Opposite Foot 4 Byrin Wylie
Ducking Illusion Same Foot 17 Byrin Wylie
Ducking Legover Opposite Foot 34 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Legover Same Foot 10 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Mirage Opposite Foot Weaving Mirage 15 Byrin Wylie
Ducking Mirage Same Foot 34 Byrin Wylie
Ducking Pickup Opposite Foot 26 Byrin Wylie
Ducking Pickup Same Foot 5 Nathan Deschamps
Eclipse 26 Alex Zerbe
Eclipse Opposite Foot 7 Alex Zerbe
Eggbeater Opposite Foot Eggbeater Switch 24 David Clavens
Eggbeater Same Foot Eggbeater 20 Riku Ahola
Fairy Illusion Opposite Foot 14 Jorden Moir
Fairy Illusion Same Foot Fudge 20 Jason Crook
Fairy Legover Opposite Foot 25 Matthias Lino Schmidt
Fairy Legover Same Foot Crispy Double ATW 32 Kamil Hucal
Fairy Mirage Opposite Foot 32 Jorden Moir
Fairy Mirage Same Foot Fear 48 Karel Prokes
Fairy Pickup Opposite Foot 30 Jorden Moir
Fairy Pickup Same Foot Nallegam(Magellan Backwards) 37 Jorden Moir
Flying Butterfly Kick Opposite Foot Rodeo 25 Lon Smith
Flying Butterfly Kick Same Foot Butterflyer 8 Luis Monhollon
Flying Inside Stall Opposite Foot Catwalk 6 Adam Greenwood
Frigid Osis Opposite Foot 4 Brendan Erskine
Frigid Osis Same Foot 10 Brendan Erskine
Grifter Reverse Drifter 12 Anssi Sundberg
Guiltless Flyers 30 Eric Wulff
Guiltless Run 180 Lon Smith
Gyro Clipper 86 Lon Smith
Gyro Dragonfly Kick Opposite Foot 3 Lon Smith
Infinity Kick Rodeo, Butterflyer 25 Lon Smith
Ingyro Clipper 17 Nathan Deschamps
Inspinning Clipper Opposite Foot 8 Nate Linscott
Inspinning Mirage Opposite Foot 2 Luis Monhollon
Juggling Two Bags 182 Daryl Genz
Miraging Symple Pickup Same Foot Curve 3 Luis Monhollon
Most Rippin Run 105 Vasek Klouda
Osis 474 Rafał Kaleta
Osis Same Foot 39 Maxim Zakirov
Pendulum Windmill 21 Nathan Deschamps
Pendulum Opposite Foot 6 Nathan Deschamps
Pincher Opposite Foot Squeeze 5 Greg Nelson
Pincher Same Foot Squeeze 7 Greg Nelson
Pixie Diving Toe Stall Same Foot 11 Nathan Deschamps
Pixie Ducking Toe Stall Opposite Foot 6 Nathan Deschamps
Pixie Ducking Toe Stall Same Foot 16 Nathan Deschamps
Pixie Illusion Opposite Foot 19 Byrin Wylie
Pixie Illusion Same Foot Smudge 34 Byrin Wylie
Pixie Legover Opposite Foot 160 Damian Gielnicki
Pixie Legover Same Foot Magellan 73 Damian Gielnicki
Pixie Mirage Opposite Foot 58 David Clavens
Pixie Mirage Same Foot Smear 51 Patryk Majkowski
Pixie Pickup Opposite Foot 61 Daryl Genz
Pixie Pickup Same Foot Crispy/Muted Double ATW 24 Daryl Genz
Pixie Symple Pickup Opposite Foot Curve 4 Nathan Deschamps
Quantum Legover Same Foot Crispy Double Legover 23 Stefan Siegert
Quantum Mirage Same Foot 5 Jeremy Mirken
Refraction Opposite Foot 13 Nathan Deschamps
Refraction Same Foot 16 Nathan Deschamps
Reverse Swirl 42 Verena Lenneis
Reverse Swirl Opposite Foot 9 Byrin Wylie
Reverse Swirling Dragon Stall Same Foot Snap Dragon 20 Jonathan Schneider
Reverse Swirling Toe Stall Same Foot 2 Michał Biarda
Reverse Whirl Opposite Foot 33 Jorden Moir
Reverse Whirl Same Foot 59 Jim Penske
Reverse Whirling Flying Clipper Kick Opposite Foot Reverse Whirling Jester 3 Teddy Monhollon
Slapping Illusion Same Foot Reverse Slap,Backslap 4 Jorden Moir
Slapping Legover Opposite Foot 19 Stefan Siegert
Slapping Mirage Same Foot Slap, Crispy Toe Barrage 14 Johnny Suderman
Slapping Pickup Opposite Foot 3 Johnny Suderman
Spinning Clipper Stall Same Foot 100 Felix Zenger
Spinning Flying Clipper Kick Same Foot 8 Tms Typeki
Spinning Legover Opposite Foot Gyrokon 2 Nathan Deschamps
Spinning Legover Same Foot Merkon 3 Erik Chan
Spinning Mirage Same Foot 5 Zeke Ibadaloza
Spinning Pickup Opposite Foot Parabola 2 n/a
Spinning Pickup Same Foot Pandora’s Box 2 n/a
Stepping Clipper Opposite Foot Curbwalk 42 Johnny Suderman
Stepping Clipper Same Foot Step Down 37 Jere Linnanen
Swirl In-Out Same Foot 87 Jim Penske
Swirl Opposite Foot 13 Jay Boychuk
Symposium Butterfly Opposite Foot Super Infinity, Symposium Infinity 54 Nathan Deschamps
Symposium Butterfly Same Side 31 Riku Ahola
Symposium Fairy Opposite Foot Flail 19 Jorden Moir
Symposium Illusion Same Foot Flail 25 Chris Pinkus
Symposium Mirage Same Foot 68 Lynton Stephens
Symposium Pixie Opposite Foot 45 Szymon Kałwak
Tapping Illusion Same Foot 6 Byrin Wylie
Tapping Legover Opposite Foot 8 Jeremy Mirken
Tapping Pickup Opposite Foot 25 Johnny Suderman
Tappping Mirage Same Foot 28 Johnny Suderman
Whirl Same Foot 54 Jim Penske
4 Add Moves – Top
Atomic Illusion Opposite Foot Omolete 10 Jorden Moir
Atomic Mirage Opposite Foot Atomsmasher 38 John Suderman
Atomic Pickup Same Foot 10 Johnny Suderman
Barfly 35 Vasek Klouda
Blender Blender 27 Lon Smith
Blury Reverse whirl Opposite Foot 9 Lon Smith
Blury Symposium Reverse Whirl Opposite Foot 2 Lon Smith
Butterfly Swirl Opposite Foot 8 Rafał Kaleta
Butterfly Swirl Same Foot 4 Damian Gielnicki
Diving Butterfly Opposite Foot Zulu Le Loup 12 Nathan Deschamps
Diving Butterfly Same Foot 37 Jorden Moir
Diving Double Legover Same Foot 2 Ken Somolinos
Diving Drifter Opposite Foot 2 Anssi Sundberg
Diving Flying Cross Body Sol Kick Diving Flapper 2 Pavel Cerveny
Diving Osis Opposite Foot 26 Lon Smith
Diving Osis Same Foot 14 Lon Smith
Diving Spinning Clipper Same Foot 2 n/a
Diving Whirl 7 Jorden Moir
Double Butterfly Same Foot Down Double Down 21 Riku Ahola
Double Ducking Clipper Opposite Foot 2 Sam Colclough
Double Spinning Clipper Same Foot 5 Felix Zenger
Double Swirl Ripstein 18 Vasek Klouda
Double Whirl Whirr 40 Vasek Klouda
Ducking Butterfly Opposite Foot 51 Anssi Sundberg
Ducking Butterfly Same Foot Weaving Butterfly 14 Nathan Deschamps
Ducking Butterflyer Opposite Foot 2 n/a
Ducking Butterflyer Same Foot 2 n/a
Ducking Cross Body Rake Opposite Foot Weaving Rake 2 n/a
Ducking Cross Body Rake Same Foot 5 Jorden Moir
Ducking Osis Opposite Foot Weaving Osis 17 Lon Smith
Ducking Osis Same Foot 33 Lon Smith
Ducking Reverse Whirling Flying Clipper Kick Opposite Foot Ducking Reverse Whirling Jester 2 Lon Smith
Ducking Spinning Clipper Same Foot 2 n/a
Ducking Symposium Mirage Same Foot 10 Lynton Stephens
Ducking Whirl Same Foot Weaving Whirl 2 n/a
Dyno 64 Lon Smith
Dyno Same Foot Far Dyno 15 Jim Penske
Fairy Diving Mirage Opposite Foot 4 Jorden Moir
Fairy Double Legover Opposite Foot Glaucoma 3 Lon Smith
Fairy Double Legover Same Foot Flog 3 Jan Weber(Honza)
Fairy Ducking Mirage Same Foot Cower, Guillotine 6 Karel Prokes
Fairy Eggbeater Same Foot Figbeater 4 Krzysztof Sob�tka
Fairy Rake Same Foot Fake 3 Jorden Moir
Fairy Spinning Mirage Same Foot Torus 2 Lynton Stephens
Fairy Symposium Mirage Opposite Foot 3 Lon Smith
Fairy Symposium Mirage Same Foot 2 Karel Prokes
Flailing Legover Same Foot Symposium Eggbeater 6 Damian Zarębski
Frontside Symposium Ripwalk Opposite Foot Pogowalk 16 Johnny Suderman
Furious Clipper Opposite Foot High Plains Drifter 4 Jorden Moir
Gyro Butterfly 11 Lon Smith
Gyro Diving Clipper Looping Clipper 8 Lon Smith
Gyro Drifter Same Foot Vortex 10 Vasek Klouda,Lon Smith
Gyro Ducking Clipper Swooping Clipper 9 Anssi Sundberg
Gyro Osis Same Foot Peeking Osis 32 Lon Smith
Gyro Whirl 8 Lon Smith
Ingyro Osis Ingyrosis 6 Luis Monhollon
Inspinning Butterfly Opposite Foot 2 Kenny Shultz
Inspinning Osis Same Foot 8 Allan Haggett
Inspinning Rake Same Foot 3 Lon Smith
Juggling Three Bags 50 Peter Irish
Juggling Two Bags On Heel Same Foot 6 Jubal Hume
Juggling Two Bags On Sole Same Foot 4 Jubal Hume
Paradox Drifter Same Foot 30 Jim Penske
Paradox Reverse Drifter Same Foot Royale 8 Jorden Moir
Paradox Whirl 50 Anssi Sundberg
Pendulous Paradox Mirage Same Foot 10 Chris Miles Balch
Phasing Pickup Same Foot 2 Jorden Moir
Pixie Butterflying Cross Body Rake Back Hoe 2 Loren Baum
Pixie Double Legover Opposite Foot 8 Mitya Burmistrov
Pixie Double Legover Same Foot Smog 25 Aaro Wichmann
Pixie Double Switchover Opposite Foot 2 Mitya Burmistrov,Kevin
Pixie Ducking Illusion Same Foot Alpine Smudge 4 Jorden Moir
Pixie Ducking Legover Opposite Foot 13 Aleksi Airinen
Pixie Ducking Legover Same Foot 9 Michał Biarda
Pixie Ducking Mirage Opposite Foot 3 Lon Smith
Pixie Ducking Mirage Same Foot Assasin 13 Michał Biarda
Pixie Ducking Pickup Opposite Foot 3 Nathan Deschamps
Pixie Eggbeater Same Foot Pigbeater 14 Riku Ahola
Pixie Symposium Illusion Same Foot Symposium Smudge 4 Chris Pinkus
Pixie Symposium Mirage Opposite Foot 4 Lon Smith,Jorden Moir
Pixie Symposium Mirage Same Foot Symposium Smear 11 Loren Baum
Pixie Terrage Opposite Foot Trixie 2 Lon Smith
Quantum Illusion Opposite Foot Toe Blizzard 13 Sunil Jani
Quantum Mirage Opposite Foot Toe Blur 24 Sunil Jani
Reverse Torque Same Foot Rork 3 Jorden Moir
Reverse Twirl Opposite Foot 12 Lon Smith
Reverse Whirling Cross Body Rake 3 Lon Smith
Ripwalk 95 Allan Hagget
Sailing Legover Same Foot 4 Jakub Worek
Sailing Mirage Same Foot 6 Jeremy O’Wheel,
Sonic Clipper Opposite Foot 2 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Butterfly 34 Lon Smith
Spinning Diving Clipper Same Foot 4 Ricky Moran
Spinning Ducking Clipper Same Foot Sweaping Clipper 17 Ricky Moran
Spinning Flying Butterfly Kick 7 Kenny Shultz
Spinning Osis Opposite Foot 39 Byrin Wylie
Spinning Paradox Mirage Opposite Foot 2 n/a
Spinning Paradox Drifter Opposite Foot Void, Lotus 9 Nick Landes
Spinning Reverse Whirl Same Foot 13 Lon Smith
Stepping Butterfly Same Foot Sidewalk 50 Jorden Moir
Stepping Drifter Opposite Foot Tombstone 9 David Clavens
Stepping Opposite Side Catwalk 2 Adam Greenwood
Stepping Osis Same Foot Crispy Torque 17 Derric Scalf
Stepping Reverse Whirl Same Foot 5 Lon Smith
Stepping Same Side Catwalk 5 Adam Greenwood
Stepping Whirl Same Foot 15 Jorden Moir
Symposium Atomic Mirage Same Foot Stampede 2 n/a
Symposium Eggbeater Opposite Foot 4 Bartosz Warda
Symposium Eggbeater Same Foot 10 Chris Pinkus
Symposium Reverse Whirl Opposite Foot PSR Whirl 9 Łukasz Juskowiak
Symposium Reverse Whirl Same Foot 10 Senor Grommet
Symposium Reverse Whirling Cross Body Rake Same Foot Slicer 13 Jubal Hume
Symposium Reverse Whirling Crossbody Rake Opposite Foot Slicer 5 Jubal Hume
Symposium Whirl 30 Jorden Moir
Tapping Ducking Mirage Same Foot Alpine Tap 3 Samu Ahola
Torque Torque 23 Lon Smith
Triple Around the World In-Out 3ATW 2 Joel Roset
Triple Around the World Out-In 3ATW 2 Ales Zelinka
Tripless Run 62 Vasek Klouda
Twirl 7 Byrin Wylie
Whirling Cross Body Rake Opposite Foot Wake 2 Ben Skaggs
Whirling Cross Body Rake Same Foot Wake 10 Jorden Moir
Whirling Reverse Whirl Same Foot Bling Blang 3 Jeremy Mirken
Whirling Swirl 15 Jonathan Schneider
Wonton Legover Same Foot Slap 3 Jorden Moir
5 Add Moves – Top
Atomic Double Legover Opposite Foot Atomic Dog 2 Ales Zelinka
Atomic Ducking Mirage Opposite Foot Rasmus Alpine Atom Smasher 5 Johnny Suderman
Atomic Eggbeater Opposite Foot Bladerunner 2 n/a
Atomic Inspinning Mirage Opposite Foot Neutron Smasher, Irish Milk? 2 Lynton Stephens
Barraging Osis Same Foot Barrroque 5 Vasek Klouda
Blurrier 9 Jere Linnanen
Blurriest 20 Jim Penske
Blurry Drifter 16 David Clavens, Jim Penske
Blurry Ducking Infinity Ripped Warrior 15 Vasek Klouda
Blurry Dyno Same Foot 13 Jim Penske
Blurry Whirl Opposite Foot 40 David Clavens
Drifting Symple Far Dyno Same Foot Torquescrew 4 Jorden Moir
Ducking Barfly Spanish Fly 6 Anssi Sundberg
Ducking Paradox Drifter Vertigo 4 TJ Boutorwick
Ducking Paradox Whirl Tomahawk 12 Vasek Klouda
Fearless Run Going Fearless 19 Vasek Klouda
Flailing Mirage Opposite Foot Witch Doctor 3 Damian Zarębski
Frantic Legover Same Foot 5 Stefan Siegert
Furious Butterfly Opposite Foot Jani Walker 14 David Clavens
Furious Butterfly Same Foot Sunil Walker,Sidewalker 6 David Clavens
Gyro Blender Same Foot Gender, G-Bender 3 Lon Smith
Gyro Dada Curve Same Foot Amadeus 2 Kenny Shults(
Gyro Diving Butterfly Opposite Foot Snaking Butterfly 2 Ricky Moran
Gyro Diving Osis Same Foot Snaking Osis 2 Ricky Moran
Gyro Ducking Butterfly Swooping Butterfly 2 Lon Smith
Gyro Ducking Osis Same Foot Swooping Osis 2 Ricky Moran
Gyro Reverse Swirling Far Butterfly Same Foot LawnMoir 2 Jorden Moir
Gyro Torque, Mobius Mobius 6 Lon Smith
Miraging sSymposium Mirage Opposite Foot Merlin, Symposium Toe Blur 5 Bartosz Warda
Motion Same Foot Motion 2 Jeremy O’Wheel
Nuclear Butterfly Same Foot Matador, Nuke 21 Tuomas Riisalo
Paradon Rake Same Foot Tiller 16 Damon Mathews
Paradox Blender P Blender 24 Jim Penske
Paradox Legbeater Same Foot Hurl 8 Daryl Genz
Paradox Reverse Miraging Refraction Motion 16 Jim Penske
Paradox Reverse Torque Opposite Foot Paradox Flux 3 Jorden Moir
Paradox Symposium Whirl Opposite Foot PS Whirl 20 Vasek Klouda
Paradox Torque Opposite Foot Pork 13 Lon Smith
Pixie Symposium Miraging Legover Same Foot Spasm 2 Shane A. Smith
Sailing Mirage Opposite Foot Dominatrix 2 Jeremy O-Wheel
Spinning Butterfly Swirl Same Foot 2 Vasek Klouda
Spinning Double Butterfly Same Foot Scorpions Tail 20 Vasek Klouda
Spinning Ducking Butterfly Sweeping Butterfly 5 Lon Smith
Spinning Symposium Butterfly Same Foot 3 Luis Monhollon
Spinning Whirl Same Foot 26 Vasek Klouda
Stepping Blender Opposite Foot 2 Jorden Moir
Stepping Torque Same Foot Stork, Tombstone 2 Ahren Gehrman
Stepping Whirling Swirl Same Foot 2 Vasek Klouda
Surging Butterfly Bigwalk 4 Felix Zenger
Symposium Atom Smasher Opposite Foot Witch Doctor 5 Lynton Stephens
Symposium Atomic Mirage Opposite Foot Witchdoctor 5 Lynton Stephens
Symposium Double Butterfly Opposite Foot, Symposium Butterfly, Superfly Superfly 9 Vasek Klouda
Symposium Double Butterfly Same Side Shaft 2 Vasek Klouda
Symposium Reverse Whirling Swirl Same Foot Double Helix 4 Jorden Moir
Symposium Torque Same Foot 4 Rafał Kaleta
Symposium Twirl Opposite Foot 2 Lon Smith
Symposium Twirl Same Foot Reversival 4 Allan Haggett
Symposium Whirling Swirl Same Foot 5 Vasek Klouda
6 Add Moves – Top
Blury Blender Same Foot Food/Foot Processor 9 Jan Weber(Honza)
Blury Motion Same Foot 2 Jan Weber(Honza)
Blury Paradox Torque Opposite Foot 3 Vasek Klouda
Blury Symposium Whirl Opposite Foot BPS Whirl 3 Jubal Hume Vasek Klouda
Blury Torque Opposite Foot 3 Vasek Klouda
Diving Paradox Torque 2 Lon Smith
Ducking Paradox Symposium Whirl Opposite Foot Mullet 5 Vasek Klouda
Ducking Paradox Torque 2 Lon Smith
Going Beast, Beastlie Run Beast Run 8 Vasek Klouda, Jim Penske
Gyro Diving Symposium Whirl Opposite Foot Colossus 1 Eli Piltz
Shooting Butterfly 6 Justin Dale
Spinning Blender Opposite Foot Spender 3 Vasek Klouda
Spinning Ducking Paradox Whirl Maelstrom 3 Vasek Klouda
Spinning Paradox Torque Same Foot Marius 3 Vasek Klouda
Spinning Symposium Whirl Same Foot Whirlwind 13 Vasek Klouda
Stepping Ducking Paradox Whirl Opposite Foot Alpine Blury Whirl 2 Vasek Klouda
7 Add Moves – Top
Blurry Ducking Paradox Blender Same Foot Alpine Food Processor 2 Jan Weber(Honza)
Spinning Ducking Symposium Paradox Whirl Same Foot Montage 4 Vasek Klouda
Miscellaneous – Top
Inside Kick Same Foot 418 Ben Skaggs
Kicks 63,236 63236 n/a
Kicks With Two People 132,011 132011 n/a
Knee Kick Opposite Foot Knick 117 n/a
Knee Kick Same Foot 19 Luis Monhollon
Toe Kick Opposite Foot 370 Luis Monhollon
Toe Kick Same Foot 81 Luis Monhollon