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Accomodation possibilites – urgent to satisfy Ted Fritsch (quote from forums) :

No offense too any organizers, but I had a terrible experience at the last dorms, I could not find anybody from footbag when I got there, I got a room that was overheated, and the windows did not close and lock, this came too light at 3:00am when some drunk gut entered through my window, too the plce’s credit they had no plastic cups so I had hard thick rock glass’es for which I was able too hit the guy in the head with and he left. The oranizers kinly helped me secure a beatiful hostel the follwing night. I have been researching this on-line every few nights for the past couple of months, there ain’t no terre verde’s in prague. I have found some apartments that look cool and are not too bad. try I had seen a hotel that had efficientcy’s but lost the info. If I can find it it was ok because it had a pool ac and everyone could stay in one uge place. ac is not common in cz and is hard to find and cz can be real hot this time of year. Any other peoples looking for place’s who see something neat please post so I will be able too check it out as well
thanks ted f

hostels are looking real expensive for private rooms!!!! dorms are cheaper but people tend to fart and snore more when you don’t no them. I’ll keep looking