Sanctioned Events 2007

This will be the place where we can track sanctioned events.
This page is to be used by members of the sanctioning committee.

Sanctioned Event Tracking
Event Name Event Date Contact Open Events Offered* Approval Date Event Page (Sanctioning Bit) Received Results and Participant List IFPA Memberships Updated
Australian Champs 6Jan07 Jeremy O’Wheel, owheelj @ fs 09Oct06 Yes Yes Yes
RNH Contest 20Jan07 Grischa Tellenbach, rien_n_est_hacky @ nsd fs 21Dec06 Yes Yes Yes
Hack the Beat 27Jan07 Jan Struz, dexter @ fsw 11Dec06 Yes Yes Yes
The Windchill 31March07 Yves Archambault, yevez @ nsd 23Feb07 Yes Yes Yes
Todexon8 7Apr07 Jan Struz, dexter @ fswd 1Feb07 Yes Yes Yes
Montana Freestyle Jam 27Apr07 Crowley, Kevin, kevin.crowley @ fs g 3Apr07 Yes Yes Yes
Soul Jam 5May07 Jeremy, jeremy.mirken @ nd 21Mar07 Yes Yes Yes
NJ Spike and Shred 12May07 Chris Bain, xain @ nsdfs 23Apr07 Yes Yes Yes
Green Cup 26May07 John Leys, jleys @, nsdm 1Feb07 Yes Yes Yes
JFK Net Battle 26May07 Iisak Liukko nsd 3Apr07 Yes Yes Yes
French Championships 9Jun07 Nicolas, niko @ nswdw fswdw 26Apr07 Yes No Yes
Turku 7Jul07 Matti, mohkale @ nswdwm 11Jun07 Yes Yes Yes
USOpen 7Jul07 Chris, conan @ nswdwm fsw 28Jun07 Yes Yes Yes
European Championships 19Jul07 Ali, ali @ nsedwm fswdm n/a Yes Yes Yes
World Footbag Championships 12Aug07 Chris, chris @ nswdwm fswdm n/a Yes Yes Yes
Austrian Footbag Championships 7Sep07 Klemens, klemens @ ndw fswdw 1Sep07 Yes Yes Yes
Finnish Footbag Championships 7Sep07 Ville Laakso, ruipelo @ nswdm fs 1Sep07 Yes Yes Yes
South American Footbag Championships 12Oct07 Carlos, fushidoman2 @ nd fs 26Jul07 Yes Yes Yes
French Open 1Nov07 Grischa Tellenbach, rnh @ nswdwm fswd 1Sep07 Yes Yes Yes
NYFA 1st Annual Freestyle Symposium 10nov07 Chris Balch fs 23Sep07 Yes Yes Yes
Texas Statewides 2007 13Oct07 Ben Benulis nd 23Sep07 Yes Yes Yes
SJFF6 1Nov07 Justin Dale, jod @  ? 23Oct07 Yes No No
Zocha Jam 8Dec07 Szymon Kalwak nsd fswd 28Nov07 Yes Yes Yes

∗ – Open Event Key – This is a reference for ranking calculations

n – net
f – freestyle
s – singles
d – doubles
m – mixed
w – women’s

Example: A ‘w’ following a ‘nd’ means there was open womens doubles net as well as open doubles. A ‘w’ following a ‘ns’ means the same for singles. ‘nsdwm’ would be interpreted as open events: net – singles, doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles – but no women’s singles.