The 36th IFPA World Footbag Championships 2015 starts on Sunday, July 26 in Nørrebrohallen.

/ July 24, 2015

The 36th IFPA World Footbag Championships 2015 starts on Sunday, July 26 in Nørrebrohallen. This is where the best athletes in the world of footbag net and footbag freestyle face off. Competitions start every day at 10:00 and last until 21:00.

Finals in footbag freestyle will take place in “Dronningesalen” in “Den Sorte Diamant” (“The Black Diamond”) on Friday, July 31 from 16:30– 20:30.

The first finals in footbag net take place Thursday, July 30 from 15:00, while the main finals in that discipline take place Saturday, August 1 from 15:00-20:30, all in Nørrebrohallen.

Besides from being a tournament, the event will also be an action packed freestyle-festival, that offers spectators interactive avenues for engagement in various freestyle activities on “Den Røde Plads” (“The Red Plaza”) every day Monday through Saturday. Thus, these days, it will be possible to participate in freestyle footbag workshops and witness both freestyle footbag and football shows. Furthermore everybody, who shows willingness to play and train, will be given a free footbag, until we run out of stock. Finally the event will also have a touch of culture provided by a footbag video contest held on Wednesday, July 29 in the cinema Byens Lys in Christiania from 19:00–24:00 (the show starts at 21:30).

I encourage everyone to swing by Nørrebrohallen, Byens Lys or Den Sorte Diamant to witness our tournament, shows and indulge in the street atmosphere.

On behalf of FootbagDenmark,
Nis Petersen

Check-in Information

/ July 23, 2015

Check-in will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We kindly encourage players to check-in as **early as possible** as the program becomes ever tighter as the event progresses.

Most kindly, please, please help us by showing up as soon as possible. It’ll free up man power we can use for more awesome stuff!

Times and Places:


16-21 in Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4.
It’s 4 min. from the event site — Google Maps:
Come and beat the line for Sunday’s Check-in, hang out and shred some!


10-20 in Nørrebrohallen, Nørrebrogade 208, the main event site.
Google Maps:
You’ll be there anyway, so as you weren’t in Copenhagen Saturday, you may as well pick up the stuff that’ll provide you with a free lunch!


10-12 in Nørrebrohallen.
You apparently just arrived.

If you arrive after Monday, find someone from the Danish crew.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!
— FootbagDenmark

This is an important message about routine music at Worlds

/ July 23, 2015

Hi, freestylers,
This is an important message about routine music at Worlds:

Everyone MUST have their routine music in .mp3 format (or other compressed audio format that is widely supported — *not* .wav or .aiff) before the end of this week!

You may change your music again later if you really need to, but please pick a default routine song and upload it NOW so that it’s there as a back-up in case you can’t do it again later.

We will not allow players to compete using a standalone music player (such as iPod), nor will we be responsible for copying music from thumb drives, etc. The only way we will accept music is through the registration form upload link!

So please go back to the registration form ( and confirm that your music is uploaded for each round (or once for all rounds) right away! If not, please upload something!

Music from YouTube and/or other streaming sources is NOT acceptable and you will not be allowed to play to this. For the IFPA World Footbag Championships, you must take responsibility for converting your music to .mp3 format (or similar compressed audio format) and uploading it to your registration!


Registration is open!

0 comments / July 3, 2015

If you’re attending the 2015 IFPA World Footbag Championships, whether as a competitor or non-competitor, please register now:

Note: All players must pre-pay via Paypal or bank transfer by the deadline of July 17th! So we strongly recommend you register and pay immediately; you can always make changes later, but don’t wait to let the team know you’re coming! The sooner the team knows your T-shirt size and other options, the better they can plan. So please help them out by registering today.