Hi, freestylers,
This is an important message about routine music at Worlds:

Everyone MUST have their routine music in .mp3 format (or other compressed audio format that is widely supported — *not* .wav or .aiff) before the end of this week!

You may change your music again later if you really need to, but please pick a default routine song and upload it NOW so that it’s there as a back-up in case you can’t do it again later.

We will not allow players to compete using a standalone music player (such as iPod), nor will we be responsible for copying music from thumb drives, etc. The only way we will accept music is through the registration form upload link!

So please go back to the registration form (http://www.footbag.org/registration/register?tid=1417735560) and confirm that your music is uploaded for each round (or once for all rounds) right away! If not, please upload something!

Music from YouTube and/or other streaming sources is NOT acceptable and you will not be allowed to play to this. For the IFPA World Footbag Championships, you must take responsibility for converting your music to .mp3 format (or similar compressed audio format) and uploading it to your registration!


Asmus Helms

IFPA member