Check-in will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We kindly encourage players to check-in as **early as possible** as the program becomes ever tighter as the event progresses.

Most kindly, please, please help us by showing up as soon as possible. It’ll free up man power we can use for more awesome stuff!

Times and Places:


16-21 in Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4.
It’s 4 min. from the event site — Google Maps:
Come and beat the line for Sunday’s Check-in, hang out and shred some!


10-20 in Nørrebrohallen, Nørrebrogade 208, the main event site.
Google Maps:
You’ll be there anyway, so as you weren’t in Copenhagen Saturday, you may as well pick up the stuff that’ll provide you with a free lunch!


10-12 in Nørrebrohallen.
You apparently just arrived.

If you arrive after Monday, find someone from the Danish crew.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!
— FootbagDenmark

Asmus Helms

IFPA member