We have managed to set up limited free lodging in two seperate gyms. Due to Danish fire regulation rules, only 5 nights per place is possible, hence a move is required (or something else for last nights). The first 5 days “Osramhuset”, a 5 min. walk from the site, is available July 26-31. After, “Øster Farimagsgade Skole”, two 7 min. bus rides, is available July 31 to August 2.

The space in each is limited; write Rasmus at rendsvig+gym15@gmail.com to inquire about availability (registration for Worlds required).

Other options:


Sleep In Heaven is a youth hostel located close to the event site. No discounts have been  promised, but their prices are low for Copenhagen. Sleep in Heaven only have 123 beds, mainly in  dormitories (up to 35 yrs, private rooms have no limit), so it is recommendable to book early.