Greetings to footbag players around the world!

(Orig­i­nally posted Decem­ber 6, 2010, to the IFPA announce mail­ing list.)

As Julie Symons announced last week, Finland is proud to organize the World Footbag Championships 2011 in Helsinki! On behalf of the entire Finnish footbagging community, we’d like to thank the WOC for trusting Helsinki with footbag’s most prestigious competition.

The Worlds organizing group is directed by Jukka Peltola and Tuomas Kärki, with their combined 30-year experience in footbag. Other key organizers are Tuukka Antikainen, Jaakko Inkinen, Mikko Lepistö, Ilkka Malin, Jani Markkanen, Matti Pohjola, Jesse Ruotsalainen, Olli Savolainen, Justin Sexton, Janne Uusitalo and Felix Zenger. Acting as the IFPA Consultant and WOC Liaison is Steve Goldberg.

Mark the dates on your personal holiday calendar and start planning now! Again, the event will take place over a solid week from July 31 through August 6, 2011 (inclusive). This will be on the event list at within the next week.

Worlds 2011 will be organized in co-operation with an event production company and under the guidelines and supervision of the IFPA. We will open a blog-type website soon sharing information as the project goes forward. We’re hoping to get a preliminary version of the final website out early next year.

Everyone involved in organizing Worlds 2011 is committed to making it the best Worlds yet. We strongly believe this will be a footbag event you don’t want to miss!

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Registered Players by Country

Finland50  Germany31
Poland29  Russia21
USA14  Canada13
Czech8  France8
Switzerland6  Venezuela3
Denmark2  Estonia2
Sweden2  Australia1
Austria1  Colombia1
Israel1  UK1

Last updated July 28th, 2011