Rules of Play

This page provides some of the general guidelines that will be followed in the 2011 Worlds. Please take the time to read them through carefully, to avoid unnecessary disputes and last-minute surprises at the tournament. If you think something essential is missing, do let us know, e.g. by posting a comment.



The freestyle disciplines at the 2011 IFPA World Footbag Championships are:

  • Open singles freestyle routines
  • Open doubles freestyle routines
  • Open shred 30
  • Open circle contest
  • Open request contest (sideline event)
  • Open sick 3 (sideline event)
  • Women singles freestyle routines
  • Women doubles freestyle routines
  • Women shred 30
  • Women circle contest
  • Intermediate freestyle routines
  • Intermediate shred 30
  • Intermediate request contest (sideline event)
  • Mixed doubles freestyle routines
  • Open 2-square competition (sideline event)

A discipline will be organized if there are at least four registered players or teams.


X-dex will not be counted in Shred 30. More detailed Shred 30 and Sick 3 rules will be added later.

When the final version of the schedule is published everyone is expected to follow it. Being late means being scratched.

Venues and surfaces

Most of the events will be held indoors at the Töölö Sports Hall. Shred 30 and Sick 3 events might be organized on an outdoor venue. The surface of play at the Sports Hall will be a rubber sports mat on a wooden floor. The warm up area will have a similar surface.


Each player competing in routines must bring their routine music(s) for each round to check-in on a CD or on flash memory. The check-in will be the last possible place to deliver the music.



The Net disciplines at the 2011 IFPA World Footbag Championships are:

  • Open Singles Net
  • Open Doubles Net
  • Open Women’s Singles Net
  • Open Women’s Doubles Net
  • Open Mixed Doubles Net
  • Intermediate Singles Net
  • Intermediate Doubles Net

Scoring System

All net events in the tournament will be played using rally scoring. Rally scoring was added to the Official Rules of Footbag Sports in 2009. This is the first year that rally scoring will be used at the World Championship level. In rally scoring, a point is awarded to the winner of each rally, regardless of who serves. The serve and a point are awarded to a receiving team who wins a rally.

Tournament Formats

Men’s Open Singles Net will be played in single-elimation format. In all other net categories a qualifying stage with pools of 3–4 players or teams will be played before moving to a single-elimination championship bracket.

Venues and Surfaces

All open category matches in pools and in championship brackets will be played indoors in the Töölö Sports Hall. Consolation matches will be played outdoors in the Töölö Sports Field right next to the main site. Intermediate net categories, except for the final matches, will also be played outdoors.

Indoors, the surface of play will be a wood sports floor or a rubber sports mat on wood similar to those used in professional badminton tournaments. Court areas will be enclosed by banners, floorball boards, or other constructions to minimize distractions from neighbouring courts.

Match Schedules

All pool stage and championship bracket stage matches in open categories will be scheduled. After entering the court, players will have 5–10 minutes of warm up time before they are advised to start their match. Warm up space will be available and some warm up courts are reserved for players who are about to start their official match.


All net players competing in this tournament should wear shirts in all their matches. Teams competing in doubles events should have matching outfits. If this is a problem for players registered without partner, the tournament organisation is willing to help. Players should also wear clean, non-marking shoes suitable for indoor use when playing in Töölö Sports Hall.

Refereeing in prelims

All matches in pools should be refereed by a player in same pool. Players playing in a match do the line judging themselves, and the head judge is there for making the calls in case of conflicts. The head judge will also be judging net fouls and contact fouls. Also, the head judge is responsible for getting the match going in time and informing the results to the tournament staff.

The bags

We will be using official tournament net bags in every match. These bags are naturally provided for the players by the tournament organization.

Coming and going

Players should inform the tournament staff at the venues when they arrive to the site and especially when they leave. This is very important in order to stay in schedule, and to avoid periods of waiting and uncertainty.

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There are 6 Comments to "Rules of Play"

  • ted fritsch says:

    hey i do not see a masters catagory???? with all this time we are saving with rally scoring we should not have any problem handling a masters division. in fact i hereby volunteer too organize it????????

  • Tuomas says:

    Masters category is an option that we could do if four or more players register for that event. But anyways there will be restrictions on combinations of Net events. Here are some:

    – You are allowed to only compete in one Singles Net discipline and one Doubles Net discipline plus Mixed Doubles Net (so for instance you can’t compete in Intermediate Singles Net and also Masters Singles Net).

    – You are eligible to enter Masters Net if you’re 35 or older.

  • ted fritsch says:

    That sucks!!! never been a problem before???? Masters in past events has been an event open too those 35 and older who feel they can do it. How ever it has always taken a back seat to open or intermediate. for example if one is in the open or intermediate finals this will always be played out before playing masters. Any ways i have these little discussions every year, it will surely work itself out were everyone has a good time. I truly am not sure if the rule book addresses masters??? i need too read it. check ya later

  • ted fritsch says:

    ok as usual it is up too the tournament director to allow people to play in multiple divisions. (rule 106.11) This I am sure of, no one is gonna give up playing in open or intermediate to play in masters. So if it is run it will have too be done as in years past. I would love to make it happen and will devote any time and energy needed too do so????

  • Hey,

    if you have any questions regarding the rally scoring system, please contact IFC at

    I personally like it!

  • ted fritsch says:

    I did at first, but only for the intermediate division. It is obviously good for this division too play as many points as possible. This might actually be done well enough if we play pools and than a single elimination for all. ie seed each player 1 thru whatever and let them all play!!! again i am sure that this will work itself out were everyone can enjoy and learn the net portion of our sport!!

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