Welcome to the finals!

The final events of the 32nd annual IFPA World Footbag Championship tournament are at hand. After five days of fierce competition, the number of players running for the title is down from the hundreds to the very best few. During today and tomorrow we will learn the names of new champions in 11 disciplines:

Friday, August 5th

13.00–13.30   Intermediate Singles Routines Final
14.00–14.45   Women’s Sin­gles Net Final
15.00–16.00   Open Sin­gles Net Bronze Match
16.30–17.00   Open Doubles Routines Final
17.00–18.00   Open Dou­bles Net Semi­final (2 vs 3)
18.15–19.15   Open Dou­bles Net Semi­final (1 vs 4)
19.30–20.00   Open Circle Contest Final
20.00–21.00   Open Sin­gles Net Final

Saturday, August 6th

13.00–14.30   Women’s Doubles Net Final
14.45–15.00   Open Shred 30 Final
15.00-16.30   Open Dou­bles Net Bronze Match
16.30–17.00   Women’s Singles Routines Final
17.00–18.30   Mixed Dou­bles Net Final
18.30–19.00   Open Singles Routines Final
19.00–20.30   Open Dou­bles Net Final

All the events take place in the Töölö Sports Hall B (see map), and there is no entrance fee for spectators. Join the fun, bring your friends, and be blown away by the footskills of world class athletes!

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Registered Players by Country

Finland50  Germany31
Poland29  Russia21
USA14  Canada13
Czech8  France8
Switzerland6  Venezuela3
Denmark2  Estonia2
Sweden2  Australia1
Austria1  Colombia1
Israel1  UK1

Last updated July 28th, 2011