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IFPA Worlds Operating Committee

woc @ ifpa . footbag . org

The Worlds Operating Committee is responsible for the IFPA World Footbag Championships ("Worlds") as it moves from location to location each year. WOC is the IFPA's official operating team for Worlds, and is the group that receives and qualifies possible bids for teams willing to host the event in their area. It is responsible for the execution of the competition.

Through providing hands-on running of the "core event", WOC ensures consistency from year to year in the implementation of the competitive side of the event, with a focus on "athlete orientation" as spelled out in the charter document.

WOC members (or delegates they assign in the acceptance of a host team) take the role of tournament director, freestyle director, and net director for Worlds. This team (WOC) is assigned by the IFPA Board of Directors and consists of volunteers who are experts at running Worlds, as well as required members such as the IFPA Rules Director (an elected position by the players).

The local host team running Worlds takes their direction and core budget decisions directly from WOC, but is also empowered to create a separate "extras" budget from which they can layer additional and potentially exciting/money-making opportunities on top. The goal is to have a consistent tournament experience and competitive environment for the players while also allowing local host teams to benefit from having the event in their area.

IFPA underwrites the core event, meaning that organizers do not risk their financial well-being on the "core" event; though they may take risk with the separate "extras" add-ons (such as product sales, ticket sales, promotional costs, etc.).

For more detail, e-mail the group and let us know if you'd like to apply to be a host team.

Committee Members

  • Wiktor Debski (Poland) IFPA Consultant

  • Julie Symons (USA) IFPA Secretary

  • Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) Tournament Director / Net Director

  • Steve Goldberg (USA) Tournament Director / Freestyle Director

  • Matt Kemmer (USA) Freestyle Consultant  (e-mail only)

  • Sergio Garcia (Spain) Freestyle Consultant

  • Luka Weyler-Lavallée (Canada) Net Consultant

  • Eurik Lindner (Germany) Net Consultant

  • Szymon Kalwak (Poland) Freestyle Consultant

  • Lena Mlakar (Slovenia) Tournament Director

  • Arthur Ledain (France) IFPA Executive Director

  • Chris Ott (USA) Director Emeritus  (non-voting)

  • Tina Lewis (USA) Director Emeritus  (non-voting)

  • Bruce Guettich (USA) Director Emeritus  (non-voting)

  • Justin Sexton (Finland) Director Emeritus  (non-voting)

  • Matti Pohjola (Finland) Director Emeritus  (non-voting)

  • Tim Vozar (USA) IFPA Treasurer  (non-voting)

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