Worlds kicked off!

What a start for the 2011 IFPA World Footbag Championships! Kisahalli has been filled with footbaggers around the World, media is very interested in the tournament, level of play is high and the organizers are committed to make sure everything goes smoothly. Lots of old and new friends and tons of footbagging. Five more days of footbag fun ahead!

In net events we are using a tournament software, that allows us to publish results online, almost in real time. Check the results here. Freestyle results you can find here.

We also have a photoblog with daily updates here.

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Registered Players by Country

Finland50  Germany31
Poland29  Russia21
USA14  Canada13
Czech8  France8
Switzerland6  Venezuela3
Denmark2  Estonia2
Sweden2  Australia1
Austria1  Colombia1
Israel1  UK1

Last updated July 28th, 2011