ANGRY BIRDS – Highest Pig Kick Contest

There is reason to be ANGRY! The King Pig has stolen the official footbag and players can’t start their final game. Let’s fly like birds and kick some green ass!

Highest Pig Kick Contest

Very simple rules

  • The mission is to kick the King Pig hanging high in the air
  • The style of kicking is free — as is that of landing 😉
  • Starting height is 2.30 meters (about 7 ft 6 in) and is raised 5 cm (2 in) per round
  • Every contestant has only one attempt per each height!

Contestants need to be participants in some other Worlds event and all attend at their own risk. Whoever reaches highest to kick the King Pig will get…


  • 1st prize: Original Angry Birds art with signature (worth a lot)
  • Other prizes: All kinds of Angry Birds merchandicing goodies 🙂

About Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game and currently one of the hottest brands in the whole world. Developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, the game has 250 million downloads across all platforms.

Angry Birds love footbag

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Registered Players by Country

Finland50  Germany31
Poland29  Russia21
USA14  Canada13
Czech8  France8
Switzerland6  Venezuela3
Denmark2  Estonia2
Sweden2  Australia1
Austria1  Colombia1
Israel1  UK1

Last updated July 28th, 2011