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Ryan Mulroney - Current Two Time Defending World Champion
Tuan Vu - 3 Time Doubles World Champion
Sunil Jani - World Finalist
Vasek Klouda - The Best From Europe
Carol Wedemeyer - Current World Champion
Peter Irish - 6 Time World Champion
Kenny Shults - 45 Time World Champion
Yacine Merzouk - 2001 World Finalist / 2001 B.A.P.
Ales Zelinka
Daryl Genz
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Players to watch... Vasek Klouda - #1 Ranked European Blade
Vasek Klouda
Vasek Klouda
2002 European Champion
(Praha, Czech Republic)

Czech Footbag Association
Apocalyptic footbag... Nature's forces are swinging out of balance. The ocean's tides crash with furious might along earth's shores. Animals screech and gallop wildly out of control. Fires rage across sacred holy lands. An eerie cool breeze fills the air. Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death menace on the horizon. Change is afoot. The end of humanity draws near.

The people of earth have been waiting for change such as this. Jews, perhaps, have been waiting for the arrival of the son of God. The Christians, perhaps, for the return of Jesus. Footbag enthusiasts of the Czech Republic wait no longer. For, they believe the freestyle world's new messiah has come. He is 15 years old, his name is Vasek Klouda, and he is ready to cleanse the freestyle world of mortal sin and remake it in his image. Even he may not know it yet, but he has been discovered. Big Brother has had their eye on him for quite some time now and they are ready to unleash this unspeakable force. He will be in San Francisco this summer and the world may never be the same. See footbag of Biblical proportions. Coming this summer to the prestigious Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California at the final rounds of the World Freestyle Championships 2002.

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