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Emmanuel Bouchard / PT Lovern
John Leys / David "Dr. Fly High" L. Bernard III
Martin Cote / Chris Seibert
Marilyn Demuy / Maude Landreville
Yves Archambault / Alexis Deschene
Amy Westberg / Lisa McDaniel
david Butcher / Eric Wulff
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P.T. In Action
The Champion - Emmanuel Bouchard
Emmanuel Bouchard
9 Time World Champion
(Montreal, Quebec, CAN)
European Champion - P.T. Lovern
P.T. "The Coach" Lovern
2002 Western Regional
2002 European Champion
CHAOS Founder
(Oakland, CA USA)
There has not been someone as dominant in Open Footbag Net since Kenny Shults took the event hostage through the late eighties and nineties capturing just about every title known to the human race. But for Emmanuel (1998,'99,'00,'01 Singles World Champion, 1998 and '01 Mixed Doubles World Champion, 1996, '98, '99 Open Doubles World Champion) life felt unfulfilled after losing his partner Sebastian Verdi to early retirement, and then losing the last two years running in Footbag Net's premier event, Open Doubles.

But a faint glimmer of hope remains for the World's biggest Footbag Net superstar. P.T. Lovern, like Seba in his prime, has spent the last two years training underground with some of the nation's top Sepak Takraw players, schooling the same spikes which composed Verdi's arsenal of destruction. Like the Seba-Manu duo of 1996, '98 and '99, these two hope to throw down with such power and consistency that all opposing teams will be forced to beg for mercy as they cower in their bomb-shelters.

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