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Ryan Mulroney - Current Two Time Defending World Champion
Tuan Vu - 3 Time Doubles World Champion
Sunil Jani - World Finalist
Vasek Klouda - The Best From Europe
Carol Wedemeyer - Current World Champion
Peter Irish - 6 Time World Champion
Kenny Shults - 45 Time World Champion
Yacine Merzouk - 2001 World Finalist / 2001 B.A.P.
Ales Zelinka
Daryl Genz
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Coming Attractions - Players to watch... Sunil "Tsunami" Jani - aka - Jani Walker
Sunil "Tsunami" Jani
Big Add Posse 1999
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
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In the mysterious temple of the Big Add Posse, along its outstretched corridors, guarded by devoted scribes, lies an ancient tome. Within its hallowed pages, the Big Add Posse holds the greatest secrets behind the insanity of freestyle's most amazing tricks and combinations. Step by step, moves are diagrammed and broken down into their simplest structure. This tome had been the shining beacon that guided some of the world's most talented freestylers to the shores of greatness. But alas, the ancient tome has been rendered obsolete, its mysterious code cracked. The sacred monks have been working around the clock feverishly composing a new freestyle bible all because of one man... Sunil Jani.

His freestyle is unlike any the world has ever seen. His difficulty defies both classical and quantum physics. Leading experts of the industry are baffled by his ability to execute the impossible. Simply put, he is an anomaly. See for yourself as the Tsunami is expected to hit our shores this summer at the prestigious Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California at the final rounds of the World Freestyle Championships 2002.

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