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Ryan Mulroney - Current Two Time Defending World Champion
Tuan Vu - 3 Time Doubles World Champion
Sunil Jani - World Finalist
Vasek Klouda - The Best From Europe
Carol Wedemeyer - Current World Champion
Peter Irish - 6 Time World Champion
Kenny Shults - 45 Time World Champion
Yacine Merzouk - 2001 World Finalist / 2001 B.A.P.
Ales Zelinka
Daryl Genz
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Coming Attractions - Players to watch... Tuan Vu - 3 time World Champion
Tuan Vu - World Champion - the Disco Ninja
Tuan "the Disco Ninja" Vu
3 Time World Champion/Big Add Posse 1995
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

2002. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. After a bone chilling ankle injury in 2001, one of the most innovative freestylers in all history, Tuan Vu, was nearly forced into retirement. His career teetered on the brink of extinction. After months of rehabilitation, the physician's diagnosis was grave - the severely torn ligaments along the base of his ankle had still not healed. The physicians told him that he would never again play footbag. However, the Disco Ninja refused to allow his inner fire to be quelled. Tuan turned a deaf ear to the doctors' proclamations and refused to lay down his blades. The word "NO" is not in his vocabulary. Tuan redoubled his efforts and lived and breathed a strict rehabilitation schedule. His life became a living hell. Yet with his sheer will, his unwavering determination, and his limitless drive - Tuan has beaten the odds and persevered. He's back, he's been reborn, and he's ready to show the world his magic once again. Glimpse beyond the bling-bling of his glimmering blades and see the blurring dexterity of the master - the Disco Ninja... coming this summer to the prestigious Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California at the final rounds of the World Freestyle Championships 2002.

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