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Ahren Gehrman
Ahren Gehrman - Bid Add Posse

Evanne LaMarche
Evanne LaMarche

The T-Shirt
Artwork by Martin Cote
Photo of Evanne LaMarche is what the t-Shirt graphic is based on.

david Butcher
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Justin Herman Plaza - Music Concourse
Justin Herman Plaza - Music Concourse
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KLUTZ Celebrates 25 Years - Official Sponsor
KLUTZ Celebrates 25 Years
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World Footbag Championships - 2002

Alexis Deschenes - Current World Champion - Open Doubles Net
Alexis Deschenes - Current World Champion
Open Doubles Net

Pre-Registration isnow CLOSED!
Register By July 25

All registration must now happen at the event. Pre-Registration On-Line is now CLOSED! It is also too late to mail in your registration. You can still register on Sunday evening (at the hotel) and Monday morning at Moscone Park & Rec... the event site itself. More details of exactly when will be posted on the updated schedule soon.

Thank you to all who helped in registering by our pre-registration deadline of July 25th!

- Deadline for online registration is July 25.

- Late Fee - There is a $10 late fee for competitors who don't register and pay their fees before the online registration deadline noted above.

- C H E C K   I N -
- Arrive in time to check-in. All net events start Monday and Tuesday. Freestylers need to check in by Monday. Check-in and Late Registration will be available both Sunday and Monday. Keep tuned to the schedule and this page for check-in details.

- S C H E D U L E -
- Changes in the format and schedule. Net Divisions will be starting earlier than in the past. There will be two new divisions, masters and advanced. These changes do affect the open division, so please read the details.

- M A S T E R S'   N E T   D I V I S I O N -
Scott Cleere is running a Master's Net Division. Please contact Scott to pre-register for this event. We are not handling registration for the Master's Net Division on line or by mail.

scott@creativeathletics.com or (805) 541-3800.

*What: Masters Net
*When: Friday August 9, 10: 00
*Who: Players 40 and over.
*Registration: $20.00, includes World's t-shirt
*Format: Doubles Net, pools to single elim. (women's as warranted)
*Late registration from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m..
* Players may enter Masters if they are also in World's, but must choose in the case of *any* schedule conflict.

- N E W   N E T   F O R M A T -
Updates to the Footbag Net Format:

This year's footbag net competition will feature a new and improved format and schedule, as well as three divisions in addition to women's. The new divisions are

1) Open

2) Advanced

3) Intermediate.

This realignment will enable us to run a tighter schedule, so you will know when your matches are, and will benefit you, the players, by offering you more matches against other players at or near your level. All divisions will have a showcased final and awards through 3rd place. You may choose your own division.

General division guidelines:

*Open Division is for the top players. If you frequently place near the top at your regional events, or have finished in the top half of Open at a recent Worlds, this could be your division.

*Advanced Division is for players who generally compete in Open, but who tend not to advance out of the pool, or don't finish in the top half. Advanced players may have won Intermediate before, or advanced beyond the Intermediate level.

*Intermediate Division is for new players or more casual players who have not won or placed highly in a previous intermediate division.

All divisions of net competition will use a "pool to bracket" format. Players will be seeded into pools, and pool play results will be used to advance and seed them into a single elimination bracket. You may choose your own division based on your own judgment and history. However, the Open *bracket* will be kept to a limited number of entrants. This means that some players who enter in the Open division will be resorted into the Advanced bracket after pool play. So, there are two ways to get into the Advanced bracket:

(1) Enter Advanced when you register. The Advanced pools will feed you into the Advanced bracket.

(2) Enter Open when you register, and if you don't advance to the Open bracket after the Open pool, you will be fed into the Advanced bracket.

Intermediate entrants will play pools into an Intermediate bracket.

Women may enter ANY division, Intermediate, Advanced, or Open. Women who wish to compete only with other women should enter Women's Open or Women's Intermediate. Both these divisions will be formatted with pool play into a single elimination bracket. Players can enter in only one division per event.

Any division may be merged with another without prior notice, at the tournament directors discretion, if it does not get a large enough draw.

- C A N 'T   R E G I S T E R   O N L I N E -

If you can't register online or know someone who does not have access to do so then you can use our mail in registration form. Registration in this form also needs to be *received* by our deadline of July 25th. If it is at all possible for you to register on-line you are encouraged to register and pay in this manner. Thank You!

Registration Form
Registration Form
Note - It is Too Late To Mail In Registration. Register At Event Only Sunday night or Monday morning.

Are You a Player? Important Notes & Deadlines...

Full Player ScheduleRegister By July 25Hotel - Book By July 14