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what's happening lately with the WFC 2002?
Net Players meet at Justin Herman Plaza's Music Concourse in SF, over the 5' high net, battling for the World Championships of Footbag
Market Street at the Embarcadero
(Click to see a photo of Footbag Net)
Across from the Ferry Building is Justin Herman Plaza and the Embarcadero Center. On the southern end of the plaza is the "Music Concourse" which serves as the venue for the finals of the World Footbag Championships of Net. Here, above a 5' high net, is where players will meet and vie for the title.
Moves Of The Week
Freestyle - Blade Of The Week
"Id" - Compliments of flipsider.com and Peter Irish
"Irish Cream"
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Net - Hammer Of The Week
"Sole Jam!" - Compliments of quebec.foobag.org and Emmanual Bouchard;
"Sole Jam"
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Greatest Collection of Footbag Athletes Ever!

Many know the game as "Hacky Sack". However, "Hacky Sack" is simply the brand name of a popular footbag. The sport of footbag was invented in the early 1970's and, although it is a relatively new sport, it is growing rapidly worldwide. It is not easy to briefly and succinctly describe the sport's two main disciplines... Freestyle and Net. This website is designed to help do that. For starters, click the graphics above to view a couple short video clips demonstrating the athletic prowess of footbag players. Check out the "Press" page for authored descriptions and photos of the sport. Also, kindly see the "coming attractions" page where you will find the stories behind some of the best players from around globe.

August 8th through the 11th, two hundred of the world's best will converge on San Francisco to compete for the World Footbag Championships. This is the 23rd annual but it is also a first of a kind event. In recent years, the sport has realized an overwhelming growth in popularity coupled with a tremendous rise in players' skill level. Now, for the first time, the public has the opportunity to view both premiere footbag events live, as the competition unfolds at its highest level. Tickets are now on sale for the semi-final and final rounds of footbag freestyle and footbag net.

Don't miss your chance to be apart of this new phenomenon. Coming this summer to San Francisco. Click or Call for Tickets today!

Players take the stage August 8th & 10th at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
The Palace of Fine Arts is a San Francisco landmark. The PFA Theatre (behind the Exploratorium) is the venue for the semi-final and final rounds of the World Footbag Championships of Freestyle.
Evenings - August 8 & 10

Lisa McDaniel - Current World Champion - Women's Open Doubles Net
Footbag Freestyle - World Champion - Sam Conlon
Original Photo by Pierre Frigon courtesy IFPA

See You In Prague!
The World Footbag Championships of 2002 wrapped up a week of intense competition yesterday at Justin Herman Plaza and the World's best are on their way out of town. It was a great week! Players and spectators alike will never forget it. Next year the event will be hosted by the CFA in Prague, Czech Republic.

Click here to see some results.

Guaranteed... You have never seen anything like this! The freestyle "Move Of The Week" is brought to you by Flipsider.com. Check out "Irish Cream" via the link... down and to the left. Combinations of moves like this are choreographed to music and the 2 minute routines are judged for technical merit and artistic impression. Competition starts on August 8 at the PFA Theatre.

Also, two new player bios are available in the "coming attractions" section. The defending open women doubles net champions, Amy Westberg and Lisa McDaniel, return to defend their title... and an accomplished freestyler returns from the dark side to team up with one of the games highest flyers in open doubles net... Eric Wulff and david Butcher.

Are you a player? A comprehensive Player Schedule is now available. Click on the headline or click player schedule located at the bottom of each page of this website.

Live 105Thanks to Mike Gagliano Custom Voicework WFC - 2002 has a great commercial. For your listening pleasure, Click here or on the headline above to hear it. It may take a minute or two to download.

The World Champions of Open Doubles Net, Yves and Alexis begin their quest for a 2nd title in a row. Just two weeks and one day until the World Championships is under way. Don't miss this event! While you wait... check out the coming attractions section for player bios on some of the planets best footbag players.

KLUTZ Celebrates 25 yearsAlso new... Klutz celebrates 25 years and is an official sponsor of the World Footbag Championships - 2002. To celebrate, KLUTZ Kicks up tips on "How To" Play Footbag, Rules, Do's and Don'ts on its web site.

YM Magazine Has Something To Say?
An uncorroborated report states that the latest edition of YM Magazine has listed the World Footbag Championships on an unspecified event calendar in their publication. The mention states something to the effect of...

August 5th - "The World Footbag Championships in San Francisco start this day. What could be better than watching a bunch of cute boys playing hacky sack?"

Seems the groupies may be frolicking even more than usual this year.

Ceska Footbagova AsociaceIFPA, WFC and CFA have reason to celebrate! It is finally official... The Czech Footbag Association was granted their U.S. Visas on July 12th and they are sending 4 of their best players to represent the Czech Republic at the World Footbag Championships - 2002. Check our coming attractions section for player bios on 2 CFA stars, Ales Zelinka and Vasek Klouda.

Also new... Storied champion Daryl Genz returns to defend his doubles freestyle title and try for his first singles championship. Daryl is a scary man when wielding his blades. Also, another up and coming international freestyle sensation will be representing. His name, Yacine Merzouk, he is from Montreal, Quebec, and he is a favorite to qualify for the singles freestyle final for the second time in as many years. He wants more than the finals this time though. He wants the title.

Learn From The Best
"Brothers From Different Mothers", (AKA... Alex Zerbe and Matt Baker), are rallying some of the worlds best footbag players and jugglers in order to present workshops for beginner and intermediate level players throughout the week of the World Championships. Workshops will be held on site and will be approximately one half hour in length. More details will be available soon. For now, know that the following super-stars of footbag and juggling will be your guides along with "the Brothers" themselves...

Kenny "The Enforcer" Shults:
The history of footbag freestyle and Gyro
Yacine Merzouk:
"Schooling with the fiend! Footbag for beginners"
Greg "GF Smoothie" Nelson:
Developing a routine
Scott "High Enlightener" Davidson:
Routines and schooling
Ben West:
3 ball workshop and beginning footbag
Peter "The Executioner" Irish:
Shredding with PETER IRISH!!

Tickets are now available for semi final and final rounds of all events at the WFC 2002, including for the first time ever, the "net" event. Also available - a "World Championships Pass" which grants access to all 4 events, semi finals and finals of Freestyle and Net.

Are You a Player? Important Notes & Deadlines...

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