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Emmanuel Bouchard / PT Lovern
John Leys / David "Dr. Fly High" L. Bernard III
Martin Cote / Chris Seibert
Marilyn Demuy / Maude Landreville
Yves Archambault / Alexis Deschene
Amy Westberg / Lisa McDaniel
david Butcher / Eric Wulff
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Yves Archambault - Current World Champion - Open Doubles Net
Yves Archambault
Current World Champion:
Open Doubles Net
(Montreal, Quebec, CAN)

Alexis Deschenes - Current World Champion - Open Doubles Net
Alexis Deschenes
Current World Champion:
Open Doubles Net
(Santa Clara, CA USA)

Episode I: Yves (pronounced "Eve") is introduced to footbag in 1985 at the age of 25 and is immediately hooked. Traveling to Colorado for the US Nationals he is taken in by some of the original Jedi Masters of the sport.

Episode II: Yves brings the sport back to Montreal and promotes the sport like no other... bringing the likes of Kenny Schultz and Tricia George to train the younger aspiring kickers. Yves plays so consistently and is so well balanced as an athlete that he becomes known as "Nuts & Bolts". Alexis is introduced to footbag in this era. It is noticeable from the beginning that the force runs strong within him. Episode III: Yves is contacted by the dark side of the force. In a desperate move to better himself as a player and for the chance to defeat the legends of the game he joins with the dark side and is given the title "Evil".

Episode IV: Using a classic Jedi mind trick, Evil draws Alexis in to become his partner in 1997. The two finish third as their "Death Star" is destroyed by the rebel forces, led by the legendary Kenny Schultz himself.

Episode V: Evil is injured in tournament play, undergoes surgery and is sidelined for the 1998 season. His left leg is robotized and after rehab he becomes stronger than ever. Alexis takes on new partners and continues improving, winning many regional tournaments.

Episode VI: Evil and Alexis team up for the 2001 World Championships held in San Francisco's Civic Center. The dark side of the force is strong, too strong in fact, and every team the rebel army throws at them is defeated. Alexis and Evil become the current World Champions.

Episode VII: The team has been put back together for a return trip to the battlegrounds of San Francisco to quell the resurging rebel teams that continue to train underground in the honor of their past Jedi Masters.

Episode VIII: The future is yet unwritten

Episode IX: ???
Yves Archambault - Current World Champion - Open Doubles Net
Yves - In Action!

Alexis Deschenes - Current World Champion - Open Doubles Net
Alexis In Action!

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