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Emmanuel Bouchard / PT Lovern
John Leys / David "Dr. Fly High" L. Bernard III
Martin Cote / Chris Seibert
Marilyn Demuy / Maude Landreville
Yves Archambault / Alexis Deschene
Amy Westberg / Lisa McDaniel
david Butcher / Eric Wulff
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Coming Attractions - Players to watch... David "Dr. Fly High" Bernard
David "Dr. Fly High" L. Bernard III in flight to CRUSH!

Johnny "Pretty Boy" Leys
Johnny on the Big Screen in front of 10,000 people while being interviewed at Helsinki's biggest free rock concert. All in a day's work while on tour. Check the latest on John's World Tour website
Johnny Leys
2002 Western Regional
2002 European
(San Francisco, CA, USA)
David L. Bernard III
2 Time World's Semifinalist
(Portland, OR, USA)
Beauty and The Beast

This fairy tale began in the year 2000, when the beauty of the perfect set met the ferociousness of the perfect spike. Still unchallenged at the net as far as height of contact goes, Dave "Dr. Fly High" Bernard has proven himself as a reliable spiker at the last two World Championships, out-jousting every opponent he faced. Last year the final chapter of the story was left unread, sending children, and adults alike, crying to their mothers, as Johnny Leys was sidelined after a season-ending hamstring pull in the semifinals of the World Footbag Championships held in San Francisco's Civic Center. This year, after Bernard's fierce NPR-Style training regiment and Dr. Leys' summer-long underground training in Helsinki, Finland, the book will be re-opened where the story left off as these two put the team back together for Worlds 2002 in San Francisco.

Johnny "Pretty Boy" Leys
John Leys spikes hard

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