Finals Are Here

Finals are upon us. Freestyle finals are on Friday night, and Net Doubles finals are Saturday afternoon. Here is the full list of events to watch out for:


Friday, August 10 at Irving Park
8:45 Check-in: Anyone arriving after 9:15 will forfeit their round.
9:00am-12:00pm Golf


Friday, August 10
2:00pm Check-in and play straight through to finals. This should take about 2 or 2.5 hours.
Regardless of whether you’ve finished your pool, we will go straight into a single elimination bracket with those who show up.


The most recent results are always updated live here.
Friday, August 11
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
10:00am Consolation matches all day on available courts
11.00am Open Singles Bronze match
12:00pm Women’s Singles Finals
1:30pm Open Singles Finals
3:30pm Open Doubles Net Semifinal 2
4:30pm Open Doubles Net Semifinal 1
Saturday, August 12
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
9:00am – 12:30pm Consolation matches on available courts
11.30am Open Doubles Net Bronze Match
12:30pm Women’s Doubles Net Finals
2:00pm Mixed Doubles Net Finals
4:00pm Open Doubles Net Finals
6:00pm Net Awards Ceremony
6:30pm Hall of Fame


Friday, August 11
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
6:00pm Doors, setup, casual kicking, sales, pre-event activities.
6:30pm Show Time
7:15pm Women’s Singles Routines
7:30pm Open Singles Routines – Finals
8:00pm Brief Intermission
8:20pm Open Singles Circle Finals
Break while judges complete scoring, free kick, etc.
9:15pm Freestyle Awards Ceremony

Competitor Lineup For Friday Night Finals

Women’s Routines
Caroline Birch
Cass Taylor
Paloma Mayo

Open Routines
TJ Boutorwick
Gordon Bevier
Brian Sherrill
Ken Somolinos
Pawel Nowak
Jim Penske
Taishi Ishida
Vasek Klouda

Open Circle Contest
Lon Smith
Nick Landes
Jim Penske
Vasek Klouda