Fourkast Worlds Competitor Subsidy for those in Need!

The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships is right around the corner! We of course are steadily working away for the betterment of the event and its players. With this we’d like to offer a helping hand to those who would like to compete but need extra support financially. Through Fourkast we are offering a $25.00 reimbursement to Open/Women’s/Intermediate competitors who could use the extra support. It is important to note this is not being offered through the IFPA and is completely independent of the official event. Again this is for players that would like to compete but might be strapped for cash. If you have questions or would like to contact us about this please feel free to email us at;


Also stayed tuned for further announcements, more exciting developments heading your way! 


The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships draws ever closer! With that we wanted to confirm again the ever growing list of attendees, there’s going to be a lot of folks at the event gang 🙂  As the list of confirms continues to rise, we again wanted mentioned the host hotel still has available rooms, with the way attendance is looking we recommend booking as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the excellent deal available. The Crown Plaza Hotel is practically next to the Oregon Convention Center, and besides being a suuuuuuper nice luxury hotel (that’s right, I said suuuuuuper), a lot of the action will be centered there after hours and it will be the central meet up location. Also onsite is a nice pool/hot tub and plenty of spots around to play. Most importantly the Worlds hotel experience has long been tradition in the footbag community, 20 years ago in Portland the host hotel was the place and many great memories were made. In more recent years the idea of the host hotel jam has waned so we’d love to bring it back. Newer players, if you’ve never experience the epic experience of the host hotel at Worlds, we highly recommend it.

The rooms have been blocked off and are in near proximity to each other, from the host hotel it’s an easy jump downtown by rail or even walking if you see fit. The rooms divided by four people comes to $50.00 per night, in Portland these days it doesn’t get much better. You can check out/make reservations here;

And of course if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We can be messaged at, or you can give me (Red Husted) a call at 503-380-4395 with any questions.

 More updates to come, we’ll end by saying if you love footbag this is one event you don’t want to miss!!


Registration is OPEN

It is our pleasure to announce that from now until July 29, you can register
to participate at this year’s IFPA World Footbag Championships, taking
place in Portland, OR USA from August 6-August 12, 2017.

First off, this event is going to be huge and we have a limited number of rooms available at the host hotel so to take advantage of our group discount you should lock down a room as soon as possible:

Registration Info

Registration is MANDATORY for all competitors by the deadline of July 29th.
So please register and pay online right now:

Event listing:

Registration page:

If you want to compete at Worlds this year, you MUST register online and
PAY by July 29, 2017. There will be NO on-site or late registration.
Whether you are competitor, sideline player or guest you need to register
and pay. If you’re a non-competitor, you’re still asked to pay in advance to simplify check-in and help confirm numbers.

Registration takes just a couple of minutes, so there is no reason not to
do it now.

You can still change your registration any time you like, before the deadline
of July 29th. This includes finding/changing partners up until the very
last day of online registration.

This year you can pay registration only by Paypal, which allows you to
use a credit card. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay! It is simply
the way we collect credit card payments.

If you try and are unable to pay via Paypal, you can always have a
friend help you — someone you know (your club leader, a parent or
friend, etc.) will either have a Paypal account or a credit card. Anyone
can pay for anyone else, but you need to sign them into your account on and go back to the registration form to pay.