Finals Are Here

Finals are upon us. Freestyle finals are on Friday night, and Net Doubles finals are Saturday afternoon. Here is the full list of events to watch out for:


Friday, August 10 at Irving Park
8:45 Check-in: Anyone arriving after 9:15 will forfeit their round.
9:00am-12:00pm Golf


Friday, August 10
2:00pm Check-in and play straight through to finals. This should take about 2 or 2.5 hours.
Regardless of whether you’ve finished your pool, we will go straight into a single elimination bracket with those who show up.


The most recent results are always updated live here.
Friday, August 11
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
10:00am Consolation matches all day on available courts
11.00am Open Singles Bronze match
12:00pm Women’s Singles Finals
1:30pm Open Singles Finals
3:30pm Open Doubles Net Semifinal 2
4:30pm Open Doubles Net Semifinal 1
Saturday, August 12
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
9:00am – 12:30pm Consolation matches on available courts
11.30am Open Doubles Net Bronze Match
12:30pm Women’s Doubles Net Finals
2:00pm Mixed Doubles Net Finals
4:00pm Open Doubles Net Finals
6:00pm Net Awards Ceremony
6:30pm Hall of Fame


Friday, August 11
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
6:00pm Doors, setup, casual kicking, sales, pre-event activities.
6:30pm Show Time
7:15pm Women’s Singles Routines
7:30pm Open Singles Routines – Finals
8:00pm Brief Intermission
8:20pm Open Singles Circle Finals
Break while judges complete scoring, free kick, etc.
9:15pm Freestyle Awards Ceremony

Competitor Lineup For Friday Night Finals

Women’s Routines
Caroline Birch
Cass Taylor
Paloma Mayo

Open Routines
TJ Boutorwick
Gordon Bevier
Brian Sherrill
Ken Somolinos
Pawel Nowak
Jim Penske
Taishi Ishida
Vasek Klouda

Open Circle Contest
Lon Smith
Nick Landes
Jim Penske
Vasek Klouda


Results and Schedule updates for Wednesday August 9

Wednesday has wrapped up and we’re heading toward finals! Here is the latest:


Thursday, August 10 at Irving Park
8:45 Check-in: Anyone arriving after 9:15 will forfeit their round.
9:00am-12:00pm Golf


Thursday, August 10
12:00 Player Check-in, play in pools all afternoon
4:00 Players who have not shown up to their pools by this time will be scratched
4:30 Brackets consisting of remaining players will become availalable

Freestyle Results

Singles Routines Round 2
*Update with links to full current results for Shred, Circle, and Intermediate and Women’s events shortly*

Thursday, August 10
12:00pm Warm up
1:00pm Shred:30 Finals
1:30pm Intermediate Singles Routines Finals
2:00pm Sick Trick, Big 3
2:30pm Request Contest
3:00pm Panel Discussion: Legends of the Sport


The most recent results are always updated live here.

Thursday, August 10
9:30am Consolation matches all day on available courts
10:00am Intermediate Singles Finals and Bronze Match (2×1)
10:00am Open Singles Quarterfinals
12:00pm Open Singles Semifinal 2
1.30pm Open Singles Semifinal 1
12:00pm Intermediate Doubles Finals and Bronze Match
3:00pm Mixed Doubles Semifinals
4:30pm Mixed Doubles Bronze Match
5:30pm Women’s Singles Bronze Match
6:00pm Masters Doubles to finals

Results Leading Into Wednesday, August 8

It is Wednesday, August 8 and and the 2017 World Footbag Chamionships are halfway through the week! Here are the results so far:


Intermediate Routines – Round 1 Results

Open Routines – Round 1 Results

Open and Intermediate Circle Contest – Round 1 Results

Coming up on Wednesday are Open Routines and Circle Semifinals, which determines who gets into finals on Friday. Also we have Womens Circle Finals and a panel discussion with some legends of the sport.

Wednesday, August 9
Oregon Convention Center – Hall E
12:00pm Warm-up
1:00pm Open Singles Routines Semifinals
2:30pm Open Circle Contest Semifinals
3:30pm Women’s Circle Contest Finals
4:00pm Panel Discussion: Legends of Footbag


Pools have finished and bracket matches have moved forward, and you can see the most recent results as they’re updated: here:

Wednesday, August 9
9:30am Consolation matches all day on available courts
10:00am Intermediate Singles Semifinals (2)
11:00am Intermediate Doubles Semifinals (2)
12:00pm Open Doubles Quarterfinals (4)
12:00pm Women’s Singles Semifinals (2)
2:00pm Mixed Doubles Quarterfinals
5:00pm Masters Doubles (to quarters or semis, TBA)


Matches are set to begin. Players will compete in a single-elimination bracket until we have a champion.

Wednesday, August 9
12:30pm First round of matches will be made available.

Finals for World Footbag Championships are August 11 and12! RSVP Now!

It’s August already and players are starting to arrive in Portland from around the world.  The tournament begins in just a couple days, culminating with two finals shows at the end of the week. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the best among them face off in a variety of events in both Footbag Freestyle and Footbag Net.

Freestyle Finals are August 11 6:30pm-9:00pm

Net Finals are August 12 12:30pm-6pm

Entry is free to spectators, but please RSVP at the above event pages if possible.

For the full tournament schedule, go here.


Reasons to Compete in a World Championship Event

When it comes to major footbag tournaments, most serious players — those who have modified shoes and custom-made bags — choose to compete in at least a couple of the events offered. But many choose to remain on the sidelines. They offer a variety of justifications: “I’m not going to win. I get scared and self-conscious in front of crowds! My BAP nickname isn’t good enough! I don’t want to pay an entry fee. The stage adds 10 pounds to my hips! I don’t think I’m good enough to enter.”  … and so on and so forth.
But Sole Purpose would like to encourage ALL players attending this year’s World Championships to compete instead of simply paying the non-competitor fee and watching from the bench. Participating benefits both you and the sport, for all the reasons listed below:

You’ll enjoy the week more if you participate in the events; they’re for everyone.

 Anybody can attend a World Championship…how many people get to say they competed at a World Championship?

There are a dozen events throughout the week, some of which are offered in multiple divisions based on skill level, gender, and age. By signing up as a competitor, you get access to all these events:

Freestyle Singles Routines, Doubles Routines, Circle, Shred30, Sick Trick, Big 3, Request Contest
Net Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Golf and 2-Square

Competing will make you a better competitor.

Great performers and competitors are made, not born. Their performing skill is forged in the fire of countless failures at previous tournaments. Most new players don’t realize how different it feels to perform in front of a crowd or play under tournament pressure, and how much it can affect their ability to play at their peak skill level. There is no point in waiting to compete until you feel “ready,” because if you don’t compete you have no way of becoming ready.
But it doesn’t stay that way. Top players maximize their potential because they’ve taken the stage many times before. The only way to reach that potential is to compete and lose a few times. And while the losing isn’t fun, the payoff is worth it.  One day you will be truly ready. Victory is a feeling you never experience until you try and lose and try again. But you did and now you’re the champ, Champ.

Competing will make you a better player.

Nothing can replicate or replace the experience of competing. You learn more from one tournament experience than you would in 100 training sessions at home. You can read every book written about swimming, but all of them combined can’t replace the sensation you get the first time you swim in the ocean. Come to Worlds, compete, and then drive to the ocean afterwards and go swimming.

It supports the sport.

Simply put, the more people we have competing at Worlds, the more legit our sport appears to the media, sponsors, spectators, and to ourselves. News outlets are more interested in covering a tournament with 100 competitors from 20 different countries, than they are in the exact same tournament where only 15 people entered. If everybody attending entered as competitors, we’d all get to go home and tell our friends and family: 1. “I competed at World Champs!” and 2. “I competed against people from X amount of countries, and while I finished in 34th place, it was in a field of 78 players!” OK, so technically only one person could say that, but if you change the numbers around it still is legit.
As a competitor, you also get the satisfaction of knowing your entry fees help make the event possible. You’re supporting a group of volunteers from a nonprofit put on a huge, expensive event; participating is a way of giving back. Plus, the players pack comes with a t-shirt and more swag and memorabilia to take home to prove you actually were there.

It makes you more attractive.

There was a study or something published by some smart people which showed that competing and losing spectacularly increases your confidence, charm, and mojo.  It may also help you finally lose that last bit of belly fat which has been pestering you for years and you’re still self conscious about, even though it’s not really THAT much and nobody ever notices or cares except you. Ridding yourself of this emotional burden alone makes choosing to compete worthwhile.

So there you have it. All the major reasons to be a competitor in this year’s World Footbag Championships. Don’t hesitate any longer, and commit to being part of the event!

Fourkast Worlds Competitor Subsidy for those in Need!

The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships is right around the corner! We of course are steadily working away for the betterment of the event and its players. With this we’d like to offer a helping hand to those who would like to compete but need extra support financially. Through Fourkast we are offering a $25.00 reimbursement to Open/Women’s/Intermediate competitors who could use the extra support. It is important to note this is not being offered through the IFPA and is completely independent of the official event. Again this is for players that would like to compete but might be strapped for cash. If you have questions or would like to contact us about this please feel free to email us at;


Also stayed tuned for further announcements, more exciting developments heading your way! 


The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships draws ever closer! With that we wanted to confirm again the ever growing list of attendees, there’s going to be a lot of folks at the event gang 🙂  As the list of confirms continues to rise, we again wanted mentioned the host hotel still has available rooms, with the way attendance is looking we recommend booking as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the excellent deal available. The Crown Plaza Hotel is practically next to the Oregon Convention Center, and besides being a suuuuuuper nice luxury hotel (that’s right, I said suuuuuuper), a lot of the action will be centered there after hours and it will be the central meet up location. Also onsite is a nice pool/hot tub and plenty of spots around to play. Most importantly the Worlds hotel experience has long been tradition in the footbag community, 20 years ago in Portland the host hotel was the place and many great memories were made. In more recent years the idea of the host hotel jam has waned so we’d love to bring it back. Newer players, if you’ve never experience the epic experience of the host hotel at Worlds, we highly recommend it.

The rooms have been blocked off and are in near proximity to each other, from the host hotel it’s an easy jump downtown by rail or even walking if you see fit. The rooms divided by four people comes to $50.00 per night, in Portland these days it doesn’t get much better. You can check out/make reservations here;

And of course if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We can be messaged at, or you can give me (Red Husted) a call at 503-380-4395 with any questions.

 More updates to come, we’ll end by saying if you love footbag this is one event you don’t want to miss!!


Registration is OPEN

It is our pleasure to announce that from now until July 29, you can register
to participate at this year’s IFPA World Footbag Championships, taking
place in Portland, OR USA from August 6-August 12, 2017.

First off, this event is going to be huge and we have a limited number of rooms available at the host hotel so to take advantage of our group discount you should lock down a room as soon as possible:

Registration Info

Registration is MANDATORY for all competitors by the deadline of July 29th.
So please register and pay online right now:

Event listing:

Registration page:

If you want to compete at Worlds this year, you MUST register online and
PAY by July 29, 2017. There will be NO on-site or late registration.
Whether you are competitor, sideline player or guest you need to register
and pay. If you’re a non-competitor, you’re still asked to pay in advance to simplify check-in and help confirm numbers.

Registration takes just a couple of minutes, so there is no reason not to
do it now.

You can still change your registration any time you like, before the deadline
of July 29th. This includes finding/changing partners up until the very
last day of online registration.

This year you can pay registration only by Paypal, which allows you to
use a credit card. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay! It is simply
the way we collect credit card payments.

If you try and are unable to pay via Paypal, you can always have a
friend help you — someone you know (your club leader, a parent or
friend, etc.) will either have a Paypal account or a credit card. Anyone
can pay for anyone else, but you need to sign them into your account on and go back to the registration form to pay.