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Net Results

      Open Doubles Net 1. Florian Goetze / Yves Kreil Germany 2. Karim Daouk / Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland / France) 3. Oskari Forstén / Jani Markkanen (Finland) Open Singles Net 1. Florian Goetze (Germany) 2. Jean-Francois Lemieux (Canada) … Continue reading

Freestyle Results

Open Freestyle Routines: 1. Jan Weber 2. Milan Benda 3. Aleksi Airinen 4. Vaclav Klouda 5. Marcin Bujko 6. Damian Gielnicki 7. Rafał Kaleta 8. Rene Ruhr Women’s Freestyle Routines: 1. Tina Aeberli 2. Hanna Mickiewicz 3. Tanja Salakka 4. … Continue reading

Live Stream

Hey, we provide the free online video streaming of finals. Watch now here.

Worlds Update

We have an amazing level of Freestyle competition this year! 6 dropless routines in qualification round! 4 dropless shred30 runs. Stay tuned for updates.


Check out the results from today. The schedule for tomorrow is online at the Tournament Software. Please be on time for your matches. Get ready also for Freestyle Circle Tomorrow!

Tournament Software

Check out the most actual scheudle, pools and results on the Tournament Software!

Check-in information

Some useful information for the players: 1. There will be an early check-in on Saturday in the event site! It starts at 4 p.m. inside the building. Then you can chill out in a nearby bar, have some pick-up games … Continue reading

Tournament Schedule

The official schedule of competition has been published. Check out this section on this site.  

Footbag Net Competition Format

We are pleased to announce the official format of the footbag net competition. Matches will be based on the Rally Scoring system as described in the IFPA Rule Book. All Singles Pools – best 3 sets of 15 points. All … Continue reading

Premium Worlds T-Shirt!

This year you can buy a special Extra Worlds T-shirt. It’s a limited edition, available only through the pre-order. Sizes: M – total length 77cm, chest width 44cm L – total length 78cm, chest width 47cm XL – total length 79cm, … Continue reading