Premium Worlds T-Shirt!

Wiktor Debski in the air. Photography by Aleksander Stachurka

This year you can buy a special Extra Worlds T-shirt.

It’s a limited edition, available only through the pre-order.

M – total length 77cm, chest width 44cm
L – total length 78cm, chest width 47cm
XL – total length 79cm, chest width 50cm

This sports T-shirt is made using AthleNET technology. It’s a synthetic and elastic fabric that keeps your body dry when you play. Fit design gives you maximum comfort that will affect your game. It’s a highly breathable and comfy footbag outfit.

Type: unisex. Color: white. Grammage: 130gr/sqm. Made in EU.

Preorder now at the online registration at:

Price: 80 PLN .