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Public Transport
From the Airport
If you Bring a Car

 public transport 

Montreal has one of the nicest, most efficient subway networks in North America, and you will most likely make good use of it on your visit. STM runs the metro and the buses, so tickets, transfers, and passes are interchangeable.

One Ticket 2.50$, pay as you ride
Six Tickets 11.00$, buy at metro only
Weekly Pass 18.00$, buy at metro only (valid Monday-Sunday)

Transfers are valid for at least 1 hour, but can only be used for the opposite means of transportation that gave you the transfer, i.e. the transfer you get from the bus driver (you may have to ask for it) can be used for the metro only, not another bus, and vice versa for the transfers you take in the metro. However, all the metro lines (green, orange, blue, etc.) are linked so that you can transfer from one to the other on the same ticket.

Recommendation: If you will be in Montreal for the whole week of Worlds, we recommend you buy a Weekly Pass. If you will only be here for part of the week, buying Six Ticket strips will be the cheapest means of travel. If at the end of the week, you have extra metro tickets, feel free to drop them in the lost+found box, so some local players can use them.

Metro Hours: (approximate)
Mon-Fri, Sun 05h30-00h30
Sat 05h30-01h00



 airport <-> montreal 

Trudeau airport (formerly Dorval):
Taxis have a fixed rate of 28$ to anywhere in the downtown area, and it takes only 15-20 minutes to UQAM Residences. Tipping 10% is customary. Be sure you have Canadian money, though some cab companies accept credit cards. It's a good idea to point out the 28$ flat rate to make sure he doesn't switch on the meter. L'Aérobus shuttle service is also very convenient and costs only 12$. About 45 minutes ride, get off at Central Station (Berri)- the last stop- which is two blocks from UQAM Residences. Thirdly, you can take public transit, but you'll need to make a few difficult, time-consuming transfers, so we don't recommend it.

Mirabel airport (for overseas travellers):
Mirabel is much further from the city than Dorval, so taxis will cost upwards of 80$. L'Aérobus shuttle services Mirabel to Downtown, but only runs once per 3-5 hours, and takes about 90 minutes. Unfortunately this is your best option for getting to and from Mirabel. From Mirabel, get off at Central Station (Berri-UQAM), which is a short walk to the UQAM Residences. Fees are $22 one-way, $33 return ticket (both ways). Connaisseur buses is another option, but their schedule is inconsistent, so you'll have to call for your date of arrival: 514-931-9002. Fees are $22 one-way, $33 return ticket (both ways).


 if you bring a car... 

• Right turn on red is not allowed on the island of Montreal.
• Street signs generally tell you which way you *can* turn, rather than which way you can't. You'll see arrows marked with a green circle.
• Most urban streets are one-way, which may complicate navigation.
• Parking in the city is very difficult. Carefully read all parking signs- they can be very confusing, and are only in French, so learn your days of the week.
• When traveling within the downtown area, we recommend using public transport or your feet.
• When driving in the downtown area, expect street kids to "offer" to clean your windshield. You can often wave them off if you don't want their service, but if you do nothing they will clean it and expect a small tip ($.50 to $1.00 is plenty).