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 official events: 

Open: singles, doubles, mixed doubles.
Women: singles, doubles.
Amateur: singles, doubles.

Open: singles, doubles, mixed doubles, shred:30.
Women: singles, shred:30.
Amateur: singles, shred:30.

* Footbag Net is played on a badminton court in singles, doubles and mixed matches. Mastering a small ball with one's feet probably looks difficult enough to most, so just wait until you see these top-notch athletes control, pass and smash the Footbag with their acrobatic, martial arts inspired moves. You'll understand immediately that this activity is a sport of the highest caliber.

** Footbag Freestyle is the artistic form of this sport. Participants perform routines in singles and doubles. The routines are judged according to the level of difficulty of the players' moves and the quality of their choreography. The current trend is virtuosity, and one simply can't imagine what these players can do without seeing them perform.