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Freestyle Schedule
Net Schedule
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 general overview 

Sunday, July 25
• player check-in, late registration

Monday, July 26
• Net prelims
• late check-in (freestyle only)
• Big Shred 1
• Party at El Zaz

Tuesday, July 27
• Net prelims
• Big Shred 2
• Party at Les Bobards

Wednesday, July 28
• Freestyle prelims
• Unofficial Gathering at Les Foufs

Thursday, July 29
• Net prelims
• Freestyle: open semis, intermediate finals
• Shred & Party at Rialto Theater

Friday, July 30
• Net: open quarter-finals, intermediate finals
• Big Shred 3
• No scheduled parties

Saturday, July 31
• Net semi-finals
• All-night shred & party

Sunday, August 01
• Awards ceremony
• Party at Bar 980


 freestyle schedule 

* timetable and tournament rules will be given in player's packs.
* pools and judging assignments will be posted in the lobby at uqam residences monday night.

Day 1: Monday
venue: Place des Arts
time: 15h00-whenever
• Big Shred 1 (freestyle session, publicity)

Day 2: Tuesday
venue: Place des Arts
time: 15h00-whenever
• Big Shred 2 (freestyle session, publicity)

Day 3: Wednesday
venue: Rialto Theater
time: 10h00-18h00
• Intermediate Freestyle 1/2
• Intermediate Shred 1/1
• Women's Shred 1/1
• Open Shred 1/2
• Open Freestyle 1/3

Day 4: Thursday
venue: Rialto Theater
time: 16h00-22h00
Intermediate Freestyle Finals 2/2
• Women's Freestyle 1/2
• Doubles Freestyle 1/2
Open Freestyle Semi-Finals 2/3

Day 5: Friday
venue: Parc Jeanne-Mance (net site)
time: 15h00-whenever
• Big Shred 3 (freestyle session, publicity)

Day 6: Saturday
venue: Rialto Theater
time: 20h00-02h00
Women's Freestyle Finals
Doubles Freestyle Finals
Open Shred Finals
Open Freestyle Finals
All-Night Shred & After-Party

Day 7: Sunday
venue: Parc Jeanne-Mance
time: 10h00-17h00
• All-day shred at the Tam Tam Jam
Net Finals (all players should go!)
• Awards Ceremony


 net schedule 

Day 1: Monday
venue: Parc Père-Marquette
10h00-13h00 • Mixed Doubles Net
13h00-18h00 • Intermediate Singles
14h00-19h00 • Open and Women's Singles

Day 2: Tuesday
venue: Parc Père-Marquette
11h00-19h00 • Doubles Net (all categories)

Day 3: Wednesday

Day 4: Thursday
venue: Parc Père-Marquette
11h00-19h00 • Singles Net (all categories)

Day 5: Friday
venue: Parc Jeanne-Mance
10h00-15h00 • Doubles Net (all categories)
15h00-16h00 • Intermediate Singles Net Finals (Court 1)
16h00-17h00 • Intermediate Doubles Net Finals (Court 1)
15h00-19h00 • Open Quarter Finals & Featured Matches (Court 1)

Day 6: Saturday
venue: Parc Jeanne-Mance
10h00-19h00 • Open Singles Semi-Finals
20h00-02h00 • Freestyle Finals (all players should go!)

Day 7: Sunday
venue: Parc Jeanne-Mance
10h00-12h00 • 3rd place net matches
12h00-13h00 • Women's Singles Net Finals
13h00-14h00 • Open Singles Net Finals
14h00-15h00 • Women's Doubles Net Finals
15h00-16h00 • Open Doubles Net Finals
16h00-17h00 • Mixed Doubles Net Finals
19h00-22h00 • Awards Ceremony



Parc Jeanne-Mance (Net Finals) - directions
Avenue du Parc, between Mont-Royal and Duluth

Rialto Theater (Freestyle all 3 rounds) - directions
5723 Avenue du Parc

Parc Père-Marquette (Net Prelims) - directions
Rosemont, near Papineau

Place des Arts (Big Shred 1+2) - directions
175 Ste-Catherine O.



Parc Jeanne-Mance
From the UQAM Residences: walk West on Rue Ste-Catherine to Rue Jeanne-Mance (10 -15 minutes). Take the #80 or #129 Bus, going North. Ride only about 5 minutes, and get off at the stop after passing under a bridge. You will see Parc Mont-Royal on your left and Parc Jeanne-Mance on your right.

Also, you can walk the whole way (30-45 minutes), but we suggest a different route. Walk North on Rue St-Denis, which is a major economic centre of the city- many people, terraces, and unique, small businesses all around. When you come to Rue Rachel, turn left (heading toward the Mountain), and you'll run right into Parc Jeanne-Mance and Parc Mont-Royal.

Rialto Theater
From the UQAM Residences: walk West on Rue Ste-Catherine to Rue Jeanne-Mance (10 -15 minutes). Take the #80 or #129 Bus, going North. Ride past Parc Jeanne-Mance and Mont-Royal, and get off at Rue St-Viateur or Rue Bernard (10 minutes from Ste-Catherine).

Instead of walking to Rue Jeanne-Mance, you can ride the metro from Station Berri-UQAM, but it will take about the same amount of time. Take the green line, direction Angrignon, and get off at Station Places des Arts (two stops from Berri-UQAM). Exit Jean-Mance, and ride the bus as above.

Parc Père-Marquette
Option 1: take Orange Line metro North (direction Henri-Bourassa), get off at Rosemont (10 minutes). Transfer to Bus #197 East, which will take you into the park directly. Look for the vast field of nets, across the street from a skate park.

Option 2: from UQAM Residences, walk east on Ste-Catherine to Metro Papineau (10 minutes). Take the #45 Bus, going North. Get off at Rosemont (about 15 minutes), and walk one block west. Look for the vast field of nets, across the street from a skate park.

Place des Arts
From the UQAM Residences: walk to Ste-Catherine, turn left (going West). Place des Arts is about 5-10 minutes walk, on the right, just past St-Urbain. It's a huge outdoor area, with lots of stairs; you can't miss it.