: events : worlds 2004 : staff
 head staff: 

Yves Archambault - overall coordinator and director
Yacine Merzouk - freestyle director
Ellis Piltz - website, art development, freestyle committee
Miquel Clemente - communications and press coordinator
Martin Cote - art development
Sebastien Duchesne - freestyle committee
Emmanuel Bouchard - net committee
Maude Landreville - net committee
Julie Symons
- ifpa treasurer, consultant

 associations involved: 

QFA - Quebec Footbag Association

Founded in 1986, the Quebec Footbag Association is a non profit organization, which has been running tournaments in Montreal since 1989, including two World Footbag Championships, the first in 1996 and the second in 1998. Both tournaments were a great success, as much for the sport itself as for the recognition of the sport.

The QFA, represented by its president, Yves Archambault, and the other members of its board of administrators, Martin Côté, Éric Côté and Patrick Asswad, will be coordinating events during the World Championships as well as supervising the Footbag Net tournament.

AFFQ - Association de Footbag Freestyle du Québec

The creation of the newest group on Montreal’s Footbag scene, the Quebec Freestyle Footbag Association, responded to a growing need for structure in Freestyle Footbag in this part of the country. Founded in 2001, the AFFQ already has an impressive local track record. Some very successful tournaments played at Montreal venues in the last few years give promise of an exciting Freestyle event this summer.

The AFFQ, through its founding members, Yacine Merzouk and Sebastien Duchesne, and with the help of Eli Piltz, will be directing the Freestyle tournament at the World’s this summer.

IFPA - International Footbag Players' Association

The International Footbag Players Association (IFPA) is pleased to present the 2004 IFPA World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, hosted by the Association Quebecoise de Footbag and the Association de Footbag Freestyle du Quebec. Following on the tails of last year's Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, the 2004 IFPA World Championships will be among the most exciting, highly skilled events we have ever witnessed in the history of footbag.

The IFPA is a volunteer-run, non-profit US 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the growth of footbag play worldwide, as a competitive sport on a national and international level, and as a lifetime recreation. To achieve its purposes, IFPA fosters international competition by playing host to the annual World Footbag Championships as well as conducting other footbag events including competitions, festivals, demonstrations and instructional programs. In addition, IFPA furthers its purposes by providing information to its membership and the public through its website at, where one can find event listings, local clubs, rules of the sport, and everything else you can imagine about footbag.

IFPA representatives, Steve Goldberg, Julie Symons, Tina Lewis, John Leys and Chris Ott, will be attending the tournament to ensure that the high level of professionalism of this annual event is maintained.