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Thanks to all our sponsors! From individual contributors to major companies, you all made it happen! Thank you for your support.

Home of the IFPA, FOOTBAG.ORG is the primary resource to thousands of players around the world. Providing club listings, an extensive video gallery, and numerous free member resources, is the heart and soul of footbag today.

Pro Kicker is instrumental in promoting footbag throughout Quebec. Owned by world-renouned net player Yves Archamault, Pro Kicker is synonymous with quality footbags of all kinds, available online and in many stores around Quebec.

The WFA has been in footbag since the beginning and has always played an instrumental role in promoting footbag and supporting major events. Their website boasts the largest online footbag store in the world!

Flipsider promotes footbag with a style of its own. Based in Montreal, the website presents a valuable resource to all freestyle players around the world, facilitating interactive Trick Tips, tons of free videos, and much more.

Planet Footbag is a key player in the development of footbag in Europe, and we greatly appreciate them extending their support to the international stage.

El Zaz Bar has been hosting player's parties in Montreal for years, and we appreciate their continued support in our events.

Foot-C Nets provides footbag net equipment worldwide. Owned by Chris Ott, marketing director of the IFPA.

Freedom Footbags manufactures the popular Mr.Sandbag, a very popular choice among freestylers today, as well as a vast video library.

Boreale is a Quebec brewing company known for its quality and original recipes. They provide refreshments all week long at the Worlds events.

Hacky Sack ® is the trademark that made footbag famous in the 70s and 80s, and today they still pledge their support for events.