The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships are steadily approaching! Things are moving along as we build towards what promises to be an amazing and unforgettable week. With this the Portland/Worlds gang is dedicated to helping players have the best time possible and want to ensure everyone is taken care of!

The 38th Annual IFPA World Footbag Championships
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Need a place to stay?!

Travel can be expensive so we’d like to extend an invitation to competitors who are looking for accommodation still. Portland has a strong tapestry of alumni who’d be happy to host incoming players both nationally and internationally. We recommend the host hotel as it is very close to the action (click here for more details), but if finances are a concern we have housing options available. Space is limited so please contact us ASAP with any questions or to schedule a spot.

To request housing please follow the link below;

Worlds 2017 Housing

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

We’re three months out from the big event! It’s a good time to make travel plans, grab your shoes, and get that practice in! See you in the circles, see you on the courts!

-Red Husted

Worlds Approaches and Updates!

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The 2017 IFPA World Footbag Championships in Portland Oregon steadily approaches!

As many know, it’s been 20 years since Worlds was held in Portland, also known as the birthplace of footbag. A high precedence was set those many years ago in terms of competition, quality, funding, attendance, and overall hype. Much of the original coordinators have returned along with other footbag veterans and some new blood to provide a unique experience once again. Here are a few updates FYI!

The 38th Annual World Footbag Championships‘ official website has been updated to now include the following:

The About page has been updated with general information about the event such as site locations and specific details regarding the competitions and rules.

Here’s the updated Schedule (subject to change as needed).

Our Lodging page has been updated.

The Media page has been updated with new content including video of last year’s World Champions including Net Champions Walt Houston (USA) and Florian Goetze (Germany) / Arthur Ledain (France) and Freestyle Champion Evan Gatesman. Along with official tournament footage we’ve added a few sideline play gems for your entertainment.

More information to come folks, it’s an event you certainly don’t want to miss!


Hello Footbaggers of the World!

After a few setbacks, we’re finally here with a website and all of our other ducks in rows, or close enough that we’re putting it out there for your consumption. Things will definitely be updating a lot as we near the big event, so please do subscribe to our social media feeds and/or check back here often.

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for footbag, so buckle up and hang on 🙂