Who's coming:

Emmanuel Bouchard
1998 triple crown (open singles, open doubles and mixed) and current 5 time world champion of open singles net
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Emmanuel Bouchard (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is the reigning ruler of the footbag net court. He's got crushing spikes, short dinks, and great defense. He will be defending his title in Open Singles Net, an event he has dominated since 1998. He's teamed with Yves Archambault (2001 Open Doubles World Champion) in Open Doubles Net and looking for his 4th Open Doubles Net title. In Mixed Doubles Net, Manu has re-teamed with Amy Westberg. Together these two won the World title back in 1996. Look for Manu to be the odds-on favorite for the Triple Crown of Footbag Net: Singles Net, Doubles Net and Mixed Doubles Net.


Peter "the Executioner" Irish
Five time world champion
(College Park, Maryland, USA)

Peter Irish is one the biggest footbag legends in the
world. He is a founder and original member of the "Big Add Posse" - the elite group of the finest shredders the planet has to offer. You may have seen this world-class player nail second place at this year's Todexon competition at the Roxy club.
At last years worlds, he finished strong and earned third place. Even at his 31 years of age, Peter will surely continue to be one of the best competitors around for quite some time. His smooth and nearly silent style will be on display at this years worlds at
Slavia stadium in Prague.

Sunil "Tsunami" Jani
5th from Worlds 2002
(San Francisco, California, USA)

IIf you are planning on visiting San Francisco I advise you to see two things: The Golden Gate bridge and Sunil Jani! The nickname "Tsunami" is definitely apt for this awe-inspiring player, as Sunil hits so many dexes with his hypersonic style that you cannot even
count them. The only hope you have is to watch it all in slow motion on your video camera. Only then will you realize that Sunil hits all of his combos on both sides and completely clean. He has pushed the borders of this young sport greatly forward. His more than a meter high barraging set gives nightmares to all players and Tsunami is herewith a great attraction that will shine on this year's worlds in Prague.


Vasek " the Golden child" Klouda
Word Champ 2003
(Praha, Czech Republic)

After his triumph at last years worlds in San Francisco, Vasek is one of the favorites to win this year's title. However, he is not just battling the other competitors, but also the injuries that he has had in his finals routines. Ryan Mulroney won Todexon 2003 after Vasek was forced to stop due to cramps after just few seconds of his finals routine. So the stage is set for the climax of the battle between Ryan and Vasek at this year's finals in Prague. The old continent has its faith Vasek, their "new messiah".

Yacine "the Fiend" Merzouk
4. from Words 2002
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Only few players have managed to hit a dropless routine during the finals of the world championships, as Yacine Merzouk did at worlds 2001. Since then, he has been a well known and respected player whose atomic cyclones cannot be missed. Yacine's life has undoubtedly been heavily influenced by footbag. This is evidenced by in an article in one of Montreal's daily papers where Yacine stated that he has lost five jobs due to footbag. Lets us all hope that this great Canadian talent will not have to lose yet another job in order to attend this year's worlds in Prague.

Twice World Champ
(Redwood City, California, USA)

Last year, Ryan was expected to dominate the competition and earn his third straight world title. After all, who else was there that was even in his league? However, the Czech kid, Vasek Klouda, shocked Ryan and the world as Vasek defeated Ryan and won the title in the most thrilling final in footbag history. Since then, the everyone in the world has been anxiously following each competition between these two gladiators. Ryan reigned triumphant as they once again clashed at Todexon 2003. The stage is now set for a mighty duel between the two at this year's World Championships in Prague. "Ryan, bring the title back!" shout all of his American supporters.

Chris Siebert
Chris - 2002 open doubles net world champion
(Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

This guy is nick-named "Conan, the Barbarian." That's because he is a giant he-man on the footbag court. Conan and his partner Peter Shunny are the defending champions in Open Doubles Net. Look for Conan to wield his Axe on the court while trying to put his opponents out of their misery. He comes to Prague all the way from Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

Jere Vainikka
Finnish Champion 2001
(Kuopio, Finland)

Jere is a player that the Finns are betting on this
year due to the supreme power within his clean style. His world famous videos, released through his websites, are highly acclaimed and raise the question: Who will produce the best video of Worlds 2003? Will it be Eli Piltz who has made such videos as "Where the Ripwalk Ends" and "The Sickening"?
How about the French Boys that created "Buda's Best"? Could it be that Jere will make the best video? He'll have a lot on his mind as his sights are set high and he plans to place in the most prestigious footbag competition in the world. Not an easy task for any of the world's top players.

Jan "Honza/Webslinger" Weber
(Praha, Czech Republic)
Bio by Tu Vu

"H. to the izzO. N. to the Z.A." chants his fans as he leaves the gate at SFO airport to come home from the 2002 World Championships. Jan "Honza" Weber came home with a big bag of goodies from San Francisco, tons of priceless memories, a slew of new friends, a brand new nickname, and a fan base. Which brings to the question, If no one knew who he was before Worlds 2002, how did he get a fan base?
In one of the most intense training regimes, the Dictators of Praha, he has come to excel not only as Praha's best players, but Europe's top elite. Jan
Weber has been leaving his mark in the past several years in the European footbag scene with a trail stretching through mainland Europe. You name it, the German Open, Footjam, the Czech Nationals, the Austrian Footbag Opening, and European Masters: Honza has placed in the top three at all these events. It was only a matter of time that he would launch globally when he made his big bang at his first IFPA World Championships. However, critics balked that he was a step behind his two fellow Czech mates, Ales and Vasek.

Today, if you still believe Honza is not quite up to snuff, you better take a closer look at this amazing 17 year old. With Honza increasing his training to meet the cutting edge of today's freestyle, he won't let you think he is anything but one of the worlds best. He will hit the Big Adds on demand and represent every time he steps into the squared circle. With a vigilant work ethic, truly modest attitude, and positive outlook, he will be a rich part of the next generation of footbag stars. Recently graduating into the 2002 class of the Big Add Posse as the 'Webslinger.' Honza will be shooting to topple his fellow classmate Vasek Klouda to take the crown this year in the historical 2003 World Footbag Championships in Praha, Czech Republic. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Carol "the She-Blade" Wedemeyer
4 time and current world champion (San Francisco, California, USA)

Three times in a row had Carol gained the scalp of her oponents on a World Championships stage and that is more than spectacular, but some that read this might have an agrgument on their mind: I could beat few girls as well. I would like to appeal upon these with the fact that Carol had won the "Funtastic" tournamnet where she defeated previous world champions and other great men players.
During her rich carreer she managed to impress a majority of members of the BAP which she is a member as the only women from 1998. I hope that all doubts have now vanished by the same speed as she hits tricks like whirling swirl or blurry drifter in the circle. Carol shows great skills not only as a player but as a producer that supplies footbag world with her perfect bags that hold the name Carolbags and that should be in every household. There is noone in Europe who wont be excited by arrival of this person with all-time smile on its face and I believe that you wont miss her performance at this years worlds.

Jody Welch
most worlds net titles of anyone ever
(Mountain View, California, USA)

Jody Welch probably has more World titles in footbag net than anyone. This year, look for her to defend her Women's Singles Net title and Women's Doubles Net (with partner Julie Symons) title. Jody is lightening quick, hits with a vengence and has an iron-clad defense. Jody and Julie are hoping to beat their rivals, Lisa McDaniel and Amy Westberg (2001 Women's Doubles Net World Champions), for their 7th Women's Doubles Net title in the last 8 years. Talk about domination.


3rd at European Chamionships 2002
(Praha, Czech republic)

If you are waiting for someone who should have been there at least 30 minutes ago, then chances are, you are waiting for Ales Zelinka. If someone is in the back of the circle skooling a few triple barflies, triple around the worlds, or triple switchovers - that man is none other than Ales Zelinka. Yes, Ales has nailed tricks that some could not even imagine - even in today's insane world of freestyle. His lissom, robotic style is being imitated by countless shredders around the globe, not to mention is same-leg triple dex moves. You cannot miss seeing this conservatory student at the World Championships in Prague this year!

Felix Zenger
(Turku, Finland)

In early times, European footbag was ruled by the Finns. All this changed the day that the Czechs appeared on the scene. Ever since, the furious Czech invaders have ruled the continent. The trampled Finns, infused with young blood, have now built a new army. This army is led by Felix Zenger, who made his first international appearance at years European Championships. Recently, a czech scout, Ales Zelinka, visited the wonderfull land of Finland and brought back an alarming report about this unbelievably talented player and his beast combos. Felix is a dark-horse favorite place high in some of the royal freestyle disciplines. Don't bet against him.


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