IFPA 2003 World Championships Organizing Committee


Production Director: Tomas Tyrpekl tms@footbag.cz
Tournament Director: Jan Struz dexter@footbag.cz
Freestyle Co-Director: Steve Goldberg brat@footbag.org
Freestyle Co-Director: Vojta Polak moglum@footbag.cz
Net Director: Yves Archambault yevez@footbag.org
Net Assistant: Martin Huleja hula@footbag.cz
Accomodation: Tomas Drbohlav belm@footbag.cz
Sales Director: Ondrej Stastny
After Party Co-ordinator: Radek Malinik
Show Co-ordinator: Jiri Dohnal
Art & Design: Martin Zamecnik
Website:Vojta Polak
Media & Speaker: Tomas Tyrpekl
Photograph: Adrian Setlik
Camera: David Joza
Technical Director: David Vojacek


Ali Dastrandj (Austria) -- EFC Liaison
Steve Goldberg (USA) -- Worlds Oversight Liaison
Julie Symons (USA) -- Consultant
Lisa McDaniel (USA) -- Consultant

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Our Purpose
The IFPA was organized in 1993 to promote the growth of footbag play as a lifetime recreation and a competitive sport on a national and international basis. To achieve this purpose, the IFPA supplies information to its members, the media, and the general public.
In addition, the IFPA will further its purpose by conducting professional and amateur footbag
events. Such events include competitions, festivals, demonstrations and instructional programs.

To target the sport of footbag worldwide at youths of all economic and social classes as an
excellent athletic activity, promoting health, individual discipline, and "peace through play".

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Czech Footbag Association
Czech Footbag Association (CFA) is a public non-profit organization. It was founded in January 2002.
CFA is here to organize and develop the footbag sport on the entire area of CR, to ensure the development and popularity increase of all footbag sports, to take care of the national representation and to represent the Czech footbag in CR and abroad, to set up the organization rules, technical and economical restrictions, to supervise the world footbag rules fulfilment on Czech footbag competitions and to satisfy all interests of CFA members, increase CFA members and to manage the Czech footbag clubs methodicaly.

More information can be found on www.footbag.cz/cfa

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