ERIC COLE --- Pioneer Footbag Innovator / Manufacrurer: Cole's Erarthbags 1980 - 1997, Sponsor of numerous events/tournaments and players.

JON LIND --- Began play in 1979. Footbag "DECA" designer. Freestyle innovator. 1986 World singles freestyle champion, 1988, 1991, 1993 World team freestyle champion. 1984 WFA Tour team member.

JAY MULDENHAUER --- Team freestyle innovator. Inspirational tour team player, coach, leading others to grow into world class champions. Tournament and event director and promoter. - "XMAS JAMS" teacher who always took the time for kids and fellow players.

"RIPPIN' " RICK REESE -- Began tournament play in 1985, winning first of 7 World freestyle championships in 1987 (Doubles with Kenny Shults). World champion 1988, 1996 Singles freestyle, World champion 1987, 89, 1998, 2000 & 2001. Doubles freestyle significant game innovator and original 7 member of freestyle's "BIG ADD POSSE".

PETER SHUNNY --- Began play in 1983. World footbag association tour team specialist since 1986. World champion 1990, 1992, 2002, World doubles net champion 1997 & 2001, World men's overall champion. One of the sport's greatest ambassadour's ever. Teacher.

BRENDA & JOE SOLONOSKI --- Began organized play in 1984. WFA certified instructors. Launched thair 1st tournament in 1985, the Funtastic summer classic still going strong and the backbone of innovation for the sport in East coast of North America. Their enthusiasm, sponsorship and promotion of footbag has significantly contributing to the sport's growth worldwide.

TIM VOZAR --- Key player / promoter since 1983 to present. WFA pro rep. Key game and sport promoter in Texas/SW U.S. IFAB/IFC member 1989-1997. Club and sport promoter, teacher, he has had a tremendous impact on the many top players from this region. Inspirational leader. Mike Marshall award 1989.

ERIC WULFF --- World champion: 1996 Open team freestyle, 1998 Singles freestyle, 1998 Open doubles freestyle, 1998 Mixed doubles freestyle. " THE IRONMAN" is a many time finalist since late 1980's. Excellent in Net + Freestyle. Original member of New Jersey's Ocean Country clippers. Game an dsport innovator and inspiration. Coach. Tournament director, including 2002 Worlds.

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