footbag and pbs television

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footbag and pbs television


Theodore J. Fritsch

Phone: 908-347-3540
p.o. box 718
Ellenville, NY
south street seaport
new york city, New York, USA
Events Offered:
circle kickin,shred 30,demonstrations/give 
instructions,sick 3
Footbag Feestyle has been invited to come join the Target stores and PBS television for the NYC fun day at the south street seaport. We will be shredding and giving domonstrations from 12:00-5:00. This is agreat opportunity to show the media capital of the world footbag freestyle. All the nyc politicians will be on hand for this eventand many of the entertainment bigwigs will be there, please come down and show your skill and help pass it on
Event Details:
parking is tough,but driving from anywhere you must go south on the henry hudson
parkway(also west side highway)to the end,go left than go right on water street go up to
south street make a right, seaport is straight ahead. 

   BY TRAIN: get to the nyc subay line and take the A train to the south street seaport
stop,go up to the street and find the water,go left and the seaport is on the right

 event is from 12:00pm- 10:00pm shred 30 and sick trick will be inserted as the event
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