Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament

Tournament Results

Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament


Brenda Marie Solonoski

Phone: 717-979-5620 cell
7821 Jefferson St.
Hummelstown, PA
Sunshine Park & City Island
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Singles & Doubles Pro, Intermediate & Novice Net 
Singles Pro Freestyle, Singles Intermediate 
                      & Novice Freestyle
Pro, Intermediate & Novice Golf - 1 round
Service Poaching
Freestyle Shred

Entry Fees- Pro $55 + $10/event (prize money paid)
Pro $55 (merchandise prize)
Players packs for preregistered competitors. 

Manually Entered Results

Hey everyone.  The 18th annual Funtastik Summer Classic is now history 
and a wonderful memory.  The 19th annual is already in the planning 
stages.  We were really lucky to only have a 1.5 hour rain delay on 
Saturday.  The weathermen called for showers and rain on Sunday and 
Monday, but it didn’t happen where we were.  HURRAY!!  There was great 
competition, many fun pickup games, shred circles, four square, a world 
record of 1.4 in Super Man by Greg Nelson and a dropless amateur 
freestyle routine by Nate Linscott in the final round. Pete Irish went dropless 
in the pro final round up until his last trick.  The skills contests proved to be 
quite entertaining for the crowd and quite competitive for those entered.  
And oh those d*** golf shots.  Better practice them for next year.  Thanks to 
the service poaching celebrity judges, Brenda Solonoski, Lon Irish, Sam 
Conlin, Carol Wedemeyer and Val Davidson for their expertise. Thanks to 
the superman gladiators, Manu and Yves.  I heard a rumor that Kenny 
Shults won a four square game.  Can anyone confirm that?  Dillon, Joe 
says you were the best music man he has ever had at a Summer Classic to 
date.  You have the job for next year so tell Daryl and Sunny to make their 
plans accordingly.  A novice freestyler, Vinny Iachini, was our youngest 
competitor at 9 years old.

We hosted a Hall of Fame (HOF) Ceremony on Sunday evening at the 
Appalachian Brewing Co.  It was a great setting for the event.  Peter Irish 
was a great Master of Ceremonies.  Thank you Peter.  We would like to 
thank HOF Kenny Shults for his participation and assistance with the 
ceremony.  Thanks to Greg Nelson, HOF Yves Archambault and to all the 
people that came to support and welcome inductees Joe & Brenda 
Solonoski, Jay Moldenhauer, Tim Vozar and Eric Wulff to the HOF.  The 
Beaver Open, who hosted the West Coast HOF, called several times to do 
a combined toast, but had to be put on hold until Jay got through his years.  
Cheering loudly after a countdown, we had toasted the inductees and 
footbag all together around 9:40pm.  

This tournament would not be possible without the great staff and 
sponsors.  Thank you to Vince Bradley, Rob McCloskey, Jack Lentz, Jamie 
Lepley, Garth Smith, Dave Garber, Dan Greer, Myron Selby, Julian 
Solonoski, Kenny Shults, Dylan Johnson, Steve Goldberg and Jennifer 
Selby.  Thank you to all of you who pitched in to move tables, put up signs, 
count adds, etc.  Thank you to our tournament sponsors Funtastik, Jack 
Lentz, World Footbag Association, Freedom Footbags, Harrisburg East 
Holiday Inn, Appalachian Brewing Co., Pro Kicker (Yves Archambault), 
Jamie Lepley, City of Harrisburg Parks & Recreation Department, Kendall 
KIC and Kenny Shults.  Thank you to all the competitors and spectators 
who came to the 18th annual Funtastik Summer Classic.  May you have a 
great year and we hope to see you again next year.

1. Emmanuel Bouchard. $350 
2 Yves Archambault $150 
3. JF Lonieux $100 
4. Eric Wulff $40 
5. Stephane Comeau $25 

1. E. Bouchard/ E. Wulff $200 
2. Y. Archambault / JF Lonieux- $100
3 S. Comeau/P. Lessard $50
4. J. Harley /V. Bradley prize

1 Peter Irish $350 (drop on last trick)
2.Gorden Bevier $150 
3 Greg Nelson $100 
4. Daryl Genz $40 
5. Calab Abraham $25 & prize 

1. Jamie Lepley- 29 $50
2. Garth Smith- 30 prize
3. Jeremy Walters- 35
4. Jon Felix- 37

IRON MAN- Eric Wulff- $100 

FREESTYLE SHRED- Greg Nelson- 171- $100 (record)

SERVICE POACHING-E Bouchard- 356 - $100 

SUPERMAN- Greg Nelson –record- 1.41 - $100 

1. Ben Kellman
2. Jeremy Walters 
3. Ted Fritsch 
4. Dan Greer 
5. Jack Lentz 

1. E. Stryker/B. Kellman 
2. M. Daniels/J. Varvaro 
3. T.Fritsch /J. Walters 
4. J. Felix/S. Johnson

1. Effram Press
2. Pat Doran 
3. Dave Garber
4.Evan Daniels 

1. E Daniels/D Garber 
2.  E. Press/ S. Miller 
3.  D. Dorney/M Vilade 
4.  P Doran/T Murren

1. Effram Press- 41 
2. Ben Kellman- 42
3. Jason Varvaro- 44 (tie breaker)
4. Matt Vilade- 44
5. Errol Stryker-44 

1. Nate Linscott  (dropless)
2. Jorden Moir 
3. Dan Iachini 
4. Chris Kovals 
5. Ben Kellman

1. Dylan Johnson
2. Vinny Iachini

1. Tim Vozar
2. Mark Daniels
3.Joe Solonoski
4. Rob McCloskey




The 18th annual Summer Classic Footbag tournament is held on City Island, Harrisburg, PA during the Labor Day weekend. This tournament is part of the 3 day Kipona Festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of people to City Island. Be a spectator or be a competitor, but just don't be a no show at one of the top billed three day Professional Footbag (Hacky Sac) Tournaments in the world. This tournament has a history since 1986 of drawing large number of World Champion competitors, offering top money and merchandise prizes to competitors, entertaining large crowds of spectators and supplying an environment that allows competitors and spectators to have a FUNtastik time. Everyone has a good time from the total beginner to the World Champion competitor. Yes, and there will be many World Champions there. Even the current Women's Freestyle champion. You won't believe your eyes. Net event registration ends Sat. Aug 30 at 9:30 am at Sunshine Park at Cameron & Herr St. Net events continue on Sunday at City Island. Freestyle competitors must be registered by noon. All the Professional finals events take place Monday on City Island. Circle kicking and four square will be on going. On Sunday night the Summer Classic is hosting for the first time ever, an initiation ceremony for incoming members to the Footbag Hall of Fame. It will take place on the second floor at the Appalachian Brewing Co. on Cameron St. We have Eric Wulff from CA, Jay Muldenhauer from MI, TimVozar fromTX and Brenda & Joe Solonoski from PA that will be inducted. World Champion Peter Irish will be the Master of Ceremonies. World Champion and Hall of Fame, Kenny Shults and Yves Archambault will be introducing some of the inductees. This event is open to the public. Doors open at 7 PM. Ceremonies are to begin at 7:30 PM A limited menu (children's chicken fingers, Chicken Caesar Salad, Fish & Chips, Cheeseburger, & Grilled Portabella Mushroom sandwich) will be available besides a cash bar. Everything will be done by 10 PM.
Event Details:
SAT. AUG. 30     SUNSHINE PARK, Cameron & Herr Sts. Harrisburg, Pa.
                 9am       -Late registration/ early reg. player pack pick up
	10am      -Preliminary Singles Net rounds
	2pm        -Preliminary Doubles Net rounds
                4pm         -Novice Singles Net finals
                5pm         -Novice Doubles Net finals-novice net awards follows
	6pm         -Skills Contest-  Service Poaching- qualifying

SUN. AUG 31     CITY ISLAND, Carrousel Field, Harrisburg, Pa.
	11am    -Singles & Doubles Net continues 
	             -Amateur Singles Finals
	 12pm    -Amateur Doubles Net Finals 
                   1pm    - Iron Man, Super Man & Freestyle Shred- qualifying 
                3-5pm    -All Freestyle Singles & Novice Freestyle Finals
                              -Singles Pro Net Semi Finals
                              -All consolation net matches        
           7:30- 10 pm  -Hall of Fame Induction (East coast) 
                                  Appalachian Brewery 
                                  50 Cameron St, Hbg, Pa.  
                               (you pass it going to Sunshine Park for Sat events)
                               (doors open at 7:00 PM)
Everyone is invited to attend.  No reservations required but it would be 
advisable to RSVP to Brenda at if you are 
coming or might come so we can have enough tables and chairs 
available.  Enjoy a limited menu and/or drinks with everyone on the 
second floor Sports Bar & deck for this special event happening for the 
first time on the East Coast.  
MON. SEPT 2     BOROUGH PARK, New Cumberland, Pa.
	9am  	 -Golf   9 hole game

MON. SEPT 2    CITY ISLAND Carrousel Field, Harrisburg, Pa.
	NOON     -Pro Singles Net Finals
                1pm        -Skills Contest Finals
	2pm        -Pro Doubles Net Finals
	3pm        -Pro Singles Freestyle Finals
	4pm        -Team Freestyle Demonstration (tentative)
                4:30pm   -Recognition of Footbag Hall of Fame Members
	5pm        -Awards Ceremony- in freestyle area
                6pm        -Dinner, snack or drinks at Appalachian Brewing Co.
	8pm        -Fireworks    


FOOTBAG NET-    The tournament format for the pools is two out of 3 
games to 11 points.  Semi final games are 2 out of 3 games to 15 
points changing sides at 8 points.  The final games are 2 out of 3 games 
to 15 points changing sides at 8 points.  A least two points must win all 
games.  This format is subject to change in the event of unforeseen 
problems and conditions.  The pool captain is responsible for keeping 
their pool playing games in a timely fashion.  Delinquent pools could 
forfeit games.

FOOTBAG FREESTYLE-   Singles routine time limit is 2 minutes for the 
pros and 1:30 for amateurs.  All freestyle competitors are 
required to judge or be disqualified.  Have your music cued and along 
with your completed introduction card to hand in immediately before your 
performance.  Please remember to pick both up after your routine.

FOOTBAG GOLF-   One 9 hole round of golf will be played that follows 
the standard footbag golf rules.  

Winner takes all basis.  2002 champions gets bye to finals
  Iron Man-  Eric Wulff                     Freestyle Shred- Ryon Mulroney
  Service Poaching- Chris Seibert   Super Man- Jamie Lepley

FREESTYLE SHRED- 45 sec. max, most adds win, no choreography to 
                                       generic music.
	Rules- 1. Shred till you drop
	           2. 3 drops & you are done
	           3. Cannot do same trick more than 5 times in a row  
	           4. The top 3 make it to finals
	    Yes, your routine will be video taped to verify adds.

SERVICE POACHING- This is a two-person event.  Ten serves, thus 10 
attempts at service blocks.  Preliminary rounds- the most blocks win.  
Final round- highest accumulative score from judges win.
		1. Service block must occur at the net.
		2. Blocker must be airborne to count.
		3. The top 3 make it to finals.

IRON MAN- The best time wins.  Any drop in consecutive or toe delays, 
starts from the beginning. 
1. 100 consecutive kicks, 10 toe delays, 1 
around the world with each foot, golf accuracy shots, 1 net service & 1 set 
& spike (airborne contact above net required)
2. Two footbags allowed. 
3. Body contact is allowed during golf shots.
4. The top 3 make it to finals.

SUPER MAN- Completion of tasks in the best time wins.  40 adds, 50 
consecutives, net serve to gladiator until scoring a point, 
receive gladiator serve until scoring a point & 3 various golf shots done 
within 4 mins.
1. Seconds added to score equal to distance
2. Any golf shot made cancels out distance from longest miss.
3. Net footbag must be used during net portion.

DIRECTIONS-Funtastik at the Point Mall
From Harrisburg take 83 N to the Union Deposit Exit. Go 1/2 block & turn 
R into shopping center.  Funtastik in mall entrance closer to Burlington.

DIRECTIONS to Sunshine Park (Saturday)
422/322 to 83 S.  Take 2nd St. exit.  Take R onto Market St. At light after 
tunnel, turn L onto Carmeron St.(RT 230).  Go to Herr St. Turn R. Park is 
50 ft on R.

DIRECTIONS to City Island, Harrisburg, Pa. (Sunday & Monday)
-422/322 W to 83 S   Take the 2nd street exit.
-Turn left at the 4th light (Market St.)
-Straight at the next light.
-Take 1st right in the middle of the bridge
-Tournament site on Sat is past the stadium.
-Tournament site on Sun/Mon is on left before the stadium.


CAMPGROUNDS- Harrisburg East  717-939-4331  15 min. from site.
5 mins from Holiday Inn East  Has bath/shower facilities and pool.  Close 
to food, restaurants, gas. Lots of people stayed there in the past years 
and love it.  Make sure you call and say you are part of the footbag group 
so they put you all in the same place.
HOTELS- Holiday Inn East- 4751 Lindle Rd.  Harrisburg  717-939-7841   
fax- 717-939-9317  As our host hotel, this deluxe hotel is offering 1/2 
priced rooms at the rate of $75/night for 4 adults or suites for $104.  You 
must call this hotel directly and say you are booking for the Funtastik 
Summer Classic.  It has been set up with the sales dept.- Kirsha 
Greiner-Damone.  This place has a 15 person hot tub, lighted tennis & 
basketball courts (perfect for footbag), lighted mini chip & putt course, 
sauna, eight room shuffleboard, indoor and giant outdoor pool and is 
close to everything.  
Deadline for rates is July 31.  Make sure you mention the tournament for 
the special rate. ( NOTE-For the past 3 years players have been able to 
show up the day of the tournament, mention the tournament and have 
been given the discounted rate. 

     -lots of other hotels on Eisenhower Blvd (right off Rt 283) that offer 
less in rates and less in extras.

Thanks to our sponsors- Funtastik (, World Footbag 
Association (, Revolution Footbags, Appalacian 
Brewing Co., Kendal KIC, Kenny Shults, Jack Lentz, Circa 
footwear, ES footwear, Emerica footwear, Etnies footwear, Harrisburg 
Holiday Inn East,The City of Harrisburg Department of Parks and 

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