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Brenda Marie Solonoski

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Hummelstown, PA
Never in a million years could I have imagined that my life's path would have been so influenced by a small sac filled with plastic pellets. It all started one night in Hazleton, PA in 1985 when I met two guys at a health club who were on a racquetball court learning to play racquetball. We made a deal. I would teach them how to play racquetball and in return they would teach me how to play a new game they had just learned called footbag or hacky sack. We played footbag almost every day and everywhere. We traveled to Golden, Co. to take a training class the WFA was offering. We learn so much and made so many friends. We saw amazing things from those who were arriving in Golden for the World Championships. Our interest was spurred to a new level. We traveled to and participated in many Frisbee/Hacky Sack festivals and tournaments. We performed demos and taught footbag at the YMCA and high schools. We sold footbags to everyone and everywhere. We even sold them to stores for resale. We also started running our own footbag tournament. In 1987 one of the guys, Joe, became my husband and partner in all sorts of ventures. Over the next few years we opened four alternative sport and fun shops called Funtastik in South Central Pa. ( In 1989, we were blessed with our son, Julian. Joe and I were honored by our Footbag friends and peers to be voted into the Footbag Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony held in Prague will always be a highlight of my life. Since then we have had the special honor to induct several Hall of Fame nominees during a special ceremony held during the Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament. This year (2009) we are celebrating our 22st year in business and our 24th year of running the Summer Classic. Next year, the 25th will be our last year for the Funtastik Summer Classic Tournament. It will be a bitter-sweet ending for Joe and I. We will entertain a more casual/camping fun event at our property in Franklin County, PA in 2011. It will probably incorporate other activities such as frisbee golf, swimming, fishing, poker, chess and keg throwing along with footbag. Throughout the years we have met the most wonderful people who are truly the greatest friends and will be for our lifetime.

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