Updates for Footbag Net Players

Dear players, hi to all of you.

Here’s a necessary email and info package for all net players. Please take some time to read it through. Should you have any questions, please contact the net director or any other member of the net organizing team.


There will be 12 courts with mobile badminton surfaces run all net events, plus 4 extra courts for warm up and for consolation rounds.
The 4 net courts for warm-up and consolation rounds are located outside of the A-quality 12 courts. It’s not way away, but it’s a different building and you need like 2 minutes to walk to. However it is recommended that people use these courts for warm so that we can run official matches on 12 premium courts according to schedule.

The 12 premium mobile courts will be installed on saturday 30th, so players will be able to train on these during saturday already. Also outdoor net set are an option for pick-up games, if people bring their netsets.


The principle will be, that every official game will be scheduled for a certain starttime. YOU HAVE TO START ON TIME. If your game is scheduled at 2pm, you have to start the first round of warm up at 2pm and start your match at 2.05pm the latest. 2 ROUNDS IN TOTAL MAX. (1 on each side). So use the warm up courts, sauna, whatever you need. RESPECT THE SCHEDULE!

The net schedule should be finalised by Saturday 30th of July. However there might always be minor changes. Pool matches will start according to the schedule stated on the tournament home page.


Check the latest schedule from the worlds home page and your individual match time from www.tournamentsoftware.com  (direct link will be provided later). Always be aware when your next match is. If you don’t have access to internet, ask a friend. There are no excuses for being late and the net director will not hesitate to scratch those who are late.



The scoring system will be side out for doubles and straight scoring for singles.


–   pool stage and consolation matches will be played best 2 out of 3 games to 15 points. No point cap

–   quarterfinals in Open Singles and semifinals and final in Open Singles and in Women’s singles will be played to best 3/5 games to 15 points. No point cap


–   pool stage and consolation matches will be played best 2/3 games to 11 points (Side-out system)

–   quarterfinals in Open Doubles and semifinals and finals  in all other doubles categories will be played best 2/3 to 15 points (side-out system)


We need the scores from every match immediately after the game has ended so that the tournament can be run smoothly and on time. WRITE DOWN THE SCORE FROM YOUR MATCH!



–   All the scores from the pool matches shall be written on the pool sheet. Pool captain is responsible for all the scores within the pool. Make sure all the scores are up to date and return the pool sheet to the tournament office. If a pool sheet is missing, pool captain is subject to scratching from the event.



–   After the pool stage in all matches (including consolation matches) the WINNER of each match is responsible for the score. Make sure the score is written on the printed brackets or to the tournament software by a staff member. If a score is missing, the winner is subject to scratching from the event.

Again there are no excuses for a score to be missing and the net director will not hesitate to scratch those who don’t deliver scores.


Each player is expected to judge at least one match (in addition to pool matches)! If everyone does that it is very little work in the end. Please just do it, and do not expect the net director to be running after you. An easy way to start with, is to simply judge the game right after you on the same court.

If you know how to play, you know how to be a head judge. It is not rocket science. If you need help, ask the net director.

There is also a google doc list of the judges and line judges needed for the finals and semifinals matches in all categories. http://bit.ly/2apzRrm

This list will also be printed on site so you can sign in and do your part for the tournament organization. PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME TO THE LIST AND HELP THE NET CREW.


This is the Worlds Championships. This year, as you know, the mayor of the city knows the sport so please get dressed accordingly. Teams will be expected to wear matching uniforms. Think of the videos! ;). Also make sure you wear clean and non marking shoes.

Okay, this should be all pretty easy if everyone plays the rules and do their part. Happy to see you all again in a week. Sleep tight till that and see you soon in Trnava!!


Trnava net team