Australian Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

Australian Footbag Championships


Lynton Stephens

E-mail: invalid
Phone: 0401916338
RMB 3056
Traralgon South, Victoria
December 7-9, 2001  (concluded)
Stadium Australia, Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Host Club:
Events Offered:
1 minute freestyle (singles),
2 minute freestyle (Doubles),
sic 3 contest
5 minute timed kicking (singles and doubles)

Results for Australian Footbag Championships (2001)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Lynton Stephens (Australia)
  2. Adrian Dick (New Zealand)
  3. Stuart Macferson (New Zealand)
  4. Damian Coventry (New Zealand)
  5. Floyd Morgan (New Zealand)
  6. Matthew Baker (Australia)
  7. Hans Freller (New Zealand)
  8. Dan Ednie (Australia)
  9. Grant Kingston (Australia)
  10. Karl Murr (Australia)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Adrian Dick (New Zealand)  - legbeater > blur > pardon swirl 

Manually Entered Results

Singles freestyle:
1st - Lynton Stephens (Aus)
2nd - Adrian Dick (NZ)
3rd - Stu Macpherson (NZ)
4th - Damien Coventry (NZ)
5th - Floyd Morgan (NZ)
6th - Matt Baker (Aus)
7th - Hanz Frellar (NZ)
8th - Dan Ednie (Aus) (14 years old)
9th - Lotus (Aus)
10th - Karl Murr (Aus)

Doubles freestyle
1st - Adrian Dick + Stu Macpherson (NZ)
2nd - Karl Murr + Matt Baker (AUS)
3rd - Lynton Stephens + Brendan Erskine (AUS)

Sic 3
1st - Adrian Dick (Legbeater>blur>paradon swirl)
2nd - Lynton Stephens (Witchdoctor>assassin>stomping dlo)
3rd - Dan Ednie (pixie butterfly>paradox mirage>pixie butterfly)
4th - Brendan Erskine (toe set dlo>ducking butterfly>paradox mirage)

Singles 5 minute timed kicking
1st - Daniel Boyle (AUS) (495)
2nd - Lotus (448)
3rd - Matt Baker (389)

Freestyle Battle won by Australia
Competitors - 
Australia - Mikey Ednie (11 years old), Lotus, Dan Ednie, Matt Baker, Karl 
Murr, Lynton Stephens
New Zealand - Pip Fulstow, Hanz Frellar, Floyd Morgan, Stu Macperson, 
Adrian Dick, Damien Coventry.

The championships are being held in conjuction with the extreme-games. The comp will be held over three days. Friday: Singles 5 minute timed Doubles freestyle Saturday: Freestyle singles heats Doubles 5 minute timed Sic 3 heats Sunday: Freestyle singles finals (held on the main stage) Sic 3 finals. Entry fee is 25 dollars (Australian) which allows free entry to the x-games on the Sunday. There will be $1000 (Australian) prizemoney.
Event Details:
Please email to confirm, and arrangments will be made to organise 
options regarding accomodation and transport.
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