Midwest Regional Freestyle Footbag Championships

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Midwest Regional Freestyle Footbag Championships


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
July 14-15, 2001  (concluded)
Six Flags Great America Theme Park
Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Pro and Intermediate Singles Freestyle (Ranked 
Component), Pro and Intermediate Freestyle Shred 
Contest, Novice Consec's and Freestyle Jamz, 
Womens Freestyle
Event Details:
The 17th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag FREESTYLE 
Championships is just around the corner.  July 14th-15th.  Traditionally, 
we hold freestyle and net in the same tournament, but for several 
reasons, we have split them into two separate events.  Thanks to 
Applebees and Revolution Footbags for making it happen.

$500 Purse for Pro Prize Money.  The only two events that are paid out, 
are Singles Freestyle (Ranked Component Judging), and Freestyle 
Shred (see below for rules).  And womens category if enough entrants.

We need your help.  One of the conditions of the event (to get the 1,200 
seat amphitheatre with 40 x 40' stage, covered with special thin rubber 
matts for grip, the sound system, tons of signage, all the tables and 
chairs we need, etc...) we need to sell 100 admissions to the park at the 
reduced rate of $25.  This is a great deal because the normal 
admission is $42 with tax.  So please contact me at 
 if you have any friends or relatives 
(competitors will get admission to the park with their entry) who would 
like to come out and be spectators and supporters of the sport.  

Players planning to come out should email me immediately with their 
address and how many park admissions they will need, so we can have 
them ready for you at the "Will Call" window at Six Flags main gate.  You 
will pay for the tickets when you check in.

Entry fees are: Novice or Spectator @ $25, Intermediate and Women @ 
$40, Pro @ $55.

Please keep in mind, that we are entertainment at the park, and we will 
need to focus on constant stage-action from 1:00 to 3:00.  If you have 
any special talents, we will be happy to consider you for demo's if you 
are interested.  

10:00 - 12:00  Player Check-in
12:30 - 1:00    Players Meeting (Mandatory) - Judging Assignments and 
Kicking Orders Announced - General Footbag Demo by Enlightener.
1:00               Intermediate Freestyle Routines and Demo's
2:00              Pro Freestyle Routines and Demo's
3:00              Freestyle Shred for Intermediates and Pro's

10:00 - 12:00  Player Check-in
12:30 - 1:00    Players Meeting (Mandatory) - Judging Assignments and 
Kicking Orders Announced
1:00               Intermediate Freestyle Routines and Demo's
2:00              Pro Freestyle Routines and Demo's
3:00              Freestyle Shred for Intermediates and Pro's

The schedule is tweaked to provide the optimum amount of time riding 
the theme parks many roller coasters and attractions.  Our events will 
be happening during the peak attendance of the park (when the lines 
will be longest at the rides) so we can get optimum crowds for our final 

This event is focused exclusively on freestyle.  We are planning to have 
net demo's on both days, so any net players that are interested in 
assisting with demonstrations are encouraged to support this event 
with their unique talents.

We need volunteers to help run the event.  If you are interested, or know 
someone who might be, we will make it a point to reimburse our 
volunteers before we "break even" on the expenses of the event.  So if all 
goes well, the volunteers will be reimbursed for their park admission.

We hope to set-up a series of events like this at Six Flags Theme Parks 
across the nation next year.  Stay tuned, and contact us if you live near a 
Six Flags Park and are interested in running an event there.

Players will be responsible for purchasing a $5 "twicket" for admission 
on Sunday prior to their leaving the park on Saturday.  

We have a private area backstage for players to store their personal 
belongings.  Even though it is private, nothing is fully secure.  If anything 
bad happens, we, nor the park, can be held responsible.

For more info about the park,  check out:


The rules for the Shred Contest are as follows:

To perform the longest string with the most variety and difficulty in the 
allowed time period.

To score a performance, we first identify the most valuable *Contiguous 
String* in the performance (C-String).  From that string, we will write out 
the order of Tricks performed and determine their *Difficulty Ratio*.  The 
number of *Unique Tricks* will be multiplied by the Difficulty Ratio and 
that total added to the total number of *Adds* for the total score.

The differences between the Intermediate and Pro Categories are:
Pro category C-Strings must be *Guiltless*
Intermediate category C-Strings must be *No The*
Intermediate category time limit is 45 seconds.

DIRECTIONS: (added 7/13/01)
From the south:
Tri State Tollway (Rt. 294) North to rt. 132 Grand Avenue East to park.

Oh, the site comes with a Killer sound system too!  Oh, yeah!

See you there!  Please contact us soon.

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