European Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

European Footbag Championships


Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic
July 19-22, 2001  (concluded)
Are?l Slavia Praha
Prague, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Footbag Net, Footbag Freestyle, Footbag Golf

Manually Entered Results

F R E E S T Y L E :

Open Singles Freestyle:

1. Eric Wulff (USA)
2. Ryan Mulroney (USA)
3. Vasek Klouda (CR)
4. Juho Vesa (FIN)
5. Juho Mati Rytalahti(FIN)
6. Andrew McCargar (USA)
7. Alex Michelewski (GER)
8. Ilka Malin (FIN)

European Freestyle:

1. Vasek Klouda (CR)
2. Juho Vesa (FIN)
3. Juho Mati Rytalhti (FIN)


1. Carol Wedemeyer (USA)
2. Isabell Widmer (SWI)
3. Nadine Bailo (SWI)

Open Doubles Freestyle:

1. Eric Wulff - Carol Wedemeyer (USA)
2. Ole Schnack - Jan Zimmerman (GER)
3. Ilka Malin - Mika Koistinen (FIN)
4. Samuli Viitanen - Juho Matti Rytalahti (FIN)

European Doubles Freestyle:

1. Ole Schnack - Jan Zimmerman (GER)
2. Ilka Malin - Mika Koistinen (FIN)
3. Samuli Viitanen - Juho Matti Rytalahti (FIN)

Intermediate Freestyle:

1. Fabian Kolakowski (GER)
2. Martin Procházka (CR)
3. Pavel Červený (CR)
4. Yves Kreil (FRA)
5. Tonny Thormaa (FIN)
6. Jakob Wagner (GER)
7. Samuel Hufschmid (GER)
8. Eric Dargent (FRA)

N E T :

Open Singles Net:

1. Emanuel Bouchard (CAN)
2. Yves Archamboult (CAN)
3. Tuomas Karki (FIN)

European Singles Net:

1. Tuomas Karki (FIN)
2. Jani Markkanen (FIN)
3. Jukka Peltola (FIN)

Open Doubles Net:

1. Emanuel Bouchard- Yves Arschamboult (CAN)
2. Tuomas Karki - Jesse Fryckman (FIN)
3. Jani Markanen - Aleksi Oman (FIN)

European Doubles Net:

1. Tuomas Karki - Jesse Fryckman (FIN)
2. Jani Markanen - Aleksi Oman (FIN)
3. Olli Savolainen - Jesse Ruotsolainen (FIN)

Intermediate Singles Net:

1. Hejra Pavel (CR)
2. Jakko Inkinen (FIN)
3. Marcellus Weinbrod (GER)

Intermediate Doubles Net:

1. Inkinen Jaakko - Inkinen Miko (FIN)
2. Laine Miikka - Tamme Enzy (EST)
3. Vlček Jan - Pavel Hejra (CR)

G O L F :

1. Torben Wigger (DK)
2. Andreas Wolff (GER)
3. Henning Goetzke (GER)

This will be the largest footbag event happening on the old continent. The European Footbag Championships 2001 will take place right in the heart of Europe - in the Czech capital city Prague. We are proud that we can host players coming from all corners of the world. Don't miss this one.
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